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  1. What are the formulas used for rng in earlier updates/for console. Also, how would I figure that out? I want to find out if there is any viable way to manipulate the drops that I get to actually get something unbelievably phenomenal.
  2. Are any of the updates for console archieved? You can go back to pre-patch by deleting the update but that's the only point you can go back to.
  3. Neato. I'm not super intrested in them but I have a buddy who is. Could you give your xboxlive gamertag?
  4. Alright, send me (RustCarp5956) or my buddy COLINATOR009 a message on xbox and show us that you're legit and know how to play real well and we'll probably let you help. If you want to talk to us you'll have to join our xbox one party chat since not all my current teamates have a 360 mic
  5. I've got a team of 3 people who'll be helping beat crystaline insane+ hopefully before DDA comes out. We need a 4th person. Legit people with super high stats are welcome to join. We've found other people that wanna help but most of them don't play often enough and don't have the stats to be beneficial so if you're actually interested then you need to commit to it. I will be trying to livestream the attemps. Edit: please try and have a mic if you're interested. It isn't needed but would make it a heck of a lot easier
  6. I had to copy name.txt and content on a pc
  7. You moved it. And I'm not going to trust applications such as horizon I play with people that modded at one point and said that viruses are given from one or more of the modding tools.
  8. You used horizon, I'm looking for a way to do it without a 3rd party application, also you showed no proof of being able to copy save files while on the xbox.
  9. Does anyone know how to make backups with a thumbdrive and pc w/o a special application?
  10. Thanks for the advice (: I'll have to try to come up with a working insane+ strat though.
  11. Does anyone know how to get the best of the best girraffes? Like what map, if mix mode ups the loot on console, if survival ups the loot on console, and if dlc maps count as area 3 or not.
  12. Wave skip glitch most likely. I don't play pc but I'm guessing that the wave skip glitch works the same as it does on console. Add in another player right as the wave starts. You can't skip bosses but you can skip to them.
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