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  1. marry crhistmes https://steamcommunity.com/id/chewy4u/
  2. had repeated crashing on winter wonderland. i hope new event items are not put towards giveaways with such ridiculous restrictions in the future. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998052726
  3. crystalline dragon is the best pet, dont @ me https://steamcommunity.com/id/chewy4u/ heres more text so the bot doesnt bully me :)
  4. 2019 was a crazy year in DD for me. I met a lot of awesome people and shared a lot of amazing experiences, but my favorite had to be my low-stat Monk Great Old One Kill and how exciting it was to FINALLY come out on top. I just want to say thank you to everybody who has been a part of this community this last year. See you on the battlefield! https://steamcommunity.com/id/chewy4u/
  5. I played a lot of cr4, and was looking forward to it being a fun type of thing to run with some friends when I was told the rewards would be 1 per account, like how poly is right now. But there was NO change to the ult rates to compensate???? Pretty outrageous to try and replicate what poly or even CD had going for it at the time without heavily adjusting ult rates for it, especially with this sad excuse for a chicken clone and a bunch of useless weapons. Luckily it's not too late to right this wrong and save CR4, or else as bonny said, it's just going to be thrown in the pile with all the res
  6. This sounds great to me. Squire is probably my favorite dps hero, but the problem with this bug is that it stops you from using faster weapons because of the lost damage potential. I have found myself in situations having to use an Undertow because of the ease it provided when trying to double circle slice when I would have much rather used a Gladius. Having this change made would mean I would not be so cornered into using these slower weapons, I would actually be able to use what I want with less repercussion.
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