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    WTB Relic

    I believe these became locked and cannot be sold
  2. I'm rocking a 10 anti-melee, 10 anti-chaos, and 10 anti- orc on my FA, that's how i deal with them.
  3. you could test it out with like a level 1 mod, that way you don't waste a bunch of cash.
  4. ArchaicLotus - are you having any issues clearing floors in the upper 300's? What are some of your next ideas of clearing lanes if some of your current setup stops working? I ask because, I am starting my push and starting to brainstorm on what can be brought into the mix after the META builds stop working. Knocked out 20 floors last night but it's going to be a month or 2 I think before the META stuff becomes obsolete. So i'm just wondering if you or anyone has some out of the box ideas on how to combat floor 950, 960, and beyond.
  5. I really just hope Chromatic continues to support DD2. I continue to see so many new players on Xbox, it's really unbelievable to me. The ability to use shard dust for specific shards would be an awesome add, but I would want it to be a a high enough price that it won't be easy to just guild shards.
  6. What floor does the Skeleton Key work up to? I don't believe someone has developed it for floor 959 - 999. That's what i'm actually interested in, and I want to get there as fast as possible. There is where you can really develop those interesting strategies, on floors that no one has conquered. I'm not sure how much we are really disagreeing, but I get put off sometimes with the way you address people I guess, and i've probably been a bit dickish in my responses to you. I want to get to the top as fast as possible, 700+, or 950+, to a point where what i'm doing isn't worki
  7. Forgetful Lotus, remember this? Me and you had a conversation a week ago about how the META build doesn't work for everything. In my original post, I had stated examples of trouble lanes for the META build. BTW, Most Effective Tactics Available I believe is an objective statement, not subjective. I also like this post, because you refer to your Tiger Woods achievements. Posted November 19 Sir Lotus, I feel you do understand what I'm saying because I did make the point that there are modifiers and unit comps that can put a hurting on that META bui
  8. Lord Lotus, My problem is that you jump into 10 Onslaught games and judge everybody on their build, when they are just trying to beat them map. I get that you are better than everyone, don't forget to remind us of your achievements again, with Tiger Woods or whatever. I actually have no issue with your approach, other than I believe it may exclude some of the best defenses in the game. That's your choice, but my perspective is to utilize the Most Effective Tactics Available. I have posted examples in other threads that I know you have read, where the META build you refer to has ma
  9. You know this is META right? ...and there is nothing wrong with you using it.
  10. I'm not disagreeing with you that it is a risk, and I will not be participating as I've stated. I also do not believe Karma has anything to do with it.
  11. Personally i'm not doing it, but I really think it'd be a waste of time and resources for Chromatic to even worry about it. That's my actually point. Why take the time to erase someone's account when they get no gameplay advantage?
  12. I haven't claimed anything about META, but I am not compelled by your arguments against it. ExpoWasTaken actually posted facts and you are replying with anecdote. Therefore, his arguments are more compelling. In reality tho, I don't care if you used the META or not, and if you did use the META, it was probably a smart idea. Most Effective Tactics Available
  13. I do not see this quote anywhere on the forums from Dani. There is this one from another thread: "Gilding hypershards is definitely not intentional. We've taken preventative steps to enforce this, but it seems under certain limited circumstances, and due to unintentional behaviour, it may be possible in one or two limited but specific cases. With our attention and resources focused on DDA at the moment, I cannot at the moment provide an accurate timeline for a resolution on this issue, but I wanted to highlight that we consider it a bug, it's not intended and it may cause unfore
  14. I would say this is debatable. To guild the Destructive Pylon requires 10 ancient power resets and performing 3 prime missions. This is 330 maps. Since there is not power gain on the destructive pylon, the only gain is not having to upgrade the destructive pylon anymore after AP resets. The cost to guild this was 330 maps, and 2 million gold. So to equate these, someone runs 10 AP resets, then has to run at least 4 more AP resets and upgrade their destructive pylon each time, and then after 14 AP resets, would then see a disadvantage in gold. Chromatic can better use their time
  15. Not saying they were, and I actually didn't say anything of opinion. I do not care what is META or not. In most games, mastering the META is a good thing. I will use all tools at my disposal to progress through any game as effectively and efficiently as possible.
  16. How is this cheating? There is literally no advantage...I assumed cheating implies performing actions that give you an advantage over others that is not intended.
  17. It will look super cool in your inventory now....also, if you AP, you'll never have to upgrade it again
  18. My point was i'm not a slouch at gaming. For reference top 50 now in Starcraft would still be an achievement, as the game and it's strategy is evolving 22 years later and still maintains 8 korean tournaments a year. Back to the topic of the thread. For anyone trying to beat the game, or beat floor 999, it would be advantageous to have guilded hyper shards, or just unlimited hypers. This in itself isn't going to propel anyone to floor 999, and I don't even know if it is possible to put out enough dps to get there. This is why I would like the option to be available, as anyone that
  19. Sir Lotus, I feel you do understand what I'm saying because I did make the point that there are modifiers and unit comps that can put a hurting on that META build, and you made the point that people re-roll. This is actually my point. If you did not understand that, my apologies. My point is that there are modifiers and unit comps that give this META build trouble. I do not use the META you speak of. I have access to all of the things that you have mentioned, but optimize them for the mutators. You can infer from this, that I am not re-rolling maps with mutators I do not li
  20. That is the definition above. I do not believe the frosty shard works on these lanes but I could be wrong, but even then it is not 100%. You also spent all that time telling people they shouldn't use this META, but then tell me to research it. My apologies for not understanding the META build you hate so much. The point I'm making that this build is not 100% efficient, but it may be very effective. To clarify, this maybe a good general use build, but as you climb higher in onslaught, you will find there are more efficient or effective builds against certain mutators and enemy com
  21. Headstrong Instead of being immune to slows, Headstrong enemies are immune to stuns. You will want to use Frostbite Towers, Proton Beams, or Boost Auras with a Boosted Grasp shard to help control these monsters. Air lanes usually don't benefit from being headstrong, as most flyers move very slowly. However, should you encounter a headstrong assassin, taking them off of you can be extremely difficult. Without the ability to stun, your only options are to either kill the assassin quickly with high DPS, or wait out the bind. If you have a Barbarian in your deck, Turtle Stance can prevent
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