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  1. My point was i'm not a slouch at gaming. For reference top 50 now in Starcraft would still be an achievement, as the game and it's strategy is evolving 22 years later and still maintains 8 korean tournaments a year. Back to the topic of the thread. For anyone trying to beat the game, or beat floor 999, it would be advantageous to have guilded hyper shards, or just unlimited hypers. This in itself isn't going to propel anyone to floor 999, and I don't even know if it is possible to put out enough dps to get there. This is why I would like the option to be available, as anyone that has aspirations to climb that high and possibly beat DDII in this way, needs every amount of dps they can get.
  2. Sir Lotus, I feel you do understand what I'm saying because I did make the point that there are modifiers and unit comps that can put a hurting on that META build, and you made the point that people re-roll. This is actually my point. If you did not understand that, my apologies. My point is that there are modifiers and unit comps that give this META build trouble. I do not use the META you speak of. I have access to all of the things that you have mentioned, but optimize them for the mutators. You can infer from this, that I am not re-rolling maps with mutators I do not like, because I can adjust the defenses for what I feel will work. If you cannot infer this from my statement, I will state it clearly. I do not use the Meta you speak of as a cookie cutter build for every lane, but utilize all defenses necessary for the map that is put before me. I understand overcapping fissures. I do not do the Meta build you are referring to for frosty lanes, but do utilize the fissures in some combination depending on the enemy wave. Do you see what I did there? I stated what I do and how I think about it. Why do you think I do not understand what you are saying? Are you doing this to just support your narrative on the META builds? No one cares if I was top 50 ladder on US East in Starcraft (this is more impressive than any of your crap up there btw). No one cares if I was a 50 in Team Slayer on Halo 3. No one cares if I was the best techer in Phantasy Star Universe. No one cares if I was on the leaderboards in Guitar Hero or Rock Band.
  3. That is the definition above. I do not believe the frosty shard works on these lanes but I could be wrong, but even then it is not 100%. You also spent all that time telling people they shouldn't use this META, but then tell me to research it. My apologies for not understanding the META build you hate so much. The point I'm making that this build is not 100% efficient, but it may be very effective. To clarify, this maybe a good general use build, but as you climb higher in onslaught, you will find there are more efficient or effective builds against certain mutators and enemy comps.
  4. Headstrong Instead of being immune to slows, Headstrong enemies are immune to stuns. You will want to use Frostbite Towers, Proton Beams, or Boost Auras with a Boosted Grasp shard to help control these monsters. Air lanes usually don't benefit from being headstrong, as most flyers move very slowly. However, should you encounter a headstrong assassin, taking them off of you can be extremely difficult. Without the ability to stun, your only options are to either kill the assassin quickly with high DPS, or wait out the bind. If you have a Barbarian in your deck, Turtle Stance can prevent assassins from binding you in the first place. If you're unlucky enough to end up with a headstrong Berserker Orc or Frost Enemy on a high-level floor, it essentially becomes impossible to control the lane, because the enemies will be too strong for any blockades to handle. You can try to distract these enemies with a melee hero, but at a high level, they can easily kill you with a single blow. If you aren't confident that you can defend against headstrong beserkers or frost mobs, your best option is to intentionally lose and re-roll the level
  5. So this is ineffective against headstrong berserkers right, and spell breaker controlled burn lanes. There's not many lanes mutators that can mess this up, but the combos of a frost lane with controlled burn or spell breaker would rough it up. Also, the cursikaze lane will mess this up unless everything has a 10/10 tenacity. Pair that with frost, spell breaker, headstrong.
  6. Oh, well I have that as an option. It definitely doesn't take care of every lane. You have to modify or abandon that setup for headstrong, unstoppable, spell breaker, cursi-kaze, high rollers or a heavy frosty lane. You can also get away with less on Just Timmy lanes and game Ogre.
  7. I'd like to see if I can reach 700 in Onslaught using AP resets, C8 gear, Hypeshards, guilded Shards, and everything at my disposal. Why would I handicap myself before that? Why would you suggest that to anyone? The self control and self imposed limitations are not needed and "That's how YOU enjoy the game", maybe...
  8. I guess I don't understand what content you are playing. If you aren't playing onslaught, where are you trying out these builds? The benefits on floor 90 versus 900 in regards to materials is way better, takes less time and the drop rate is the same as I understand. The difference is reaching 900 would be a challenge. I suppose you are using fun builds and such to clear easier content? I stated above each person would have to decide when they beat Onslaught, but in reality each person tries to define their own end game. From the way I see it, achieving maximum floor shows your power "as a defender" and in my opinion would be the end game per design. It literally never ends right? People keep referencing META builds, and I really do not know what that means. I don't have legacy WM's, so i feel like i'd be at a disadvantage while climbing, which I do like, and I can understand the draw to not AP resetting or using the META builds you refer to.
  9. I left this game after hitting ascension 150 back in 2017. I returned in August of 2019 and I saw quite a bit was done. After returning, I thought there was clear end game in Onslaught, as it is a mode that scales up, and there is an objective leader, or strongest player. I would not call climbing hundreds of Onslaught floors, beating onslaught. To beat Onslaught, that's something each person has to decide on their own, which is a pretty good end game. I personally want to climb high on the leaderboard. I intend to reach a point where the Power Creep issue is irrelevant. What are you doing in this game if you are not pushing or intending on pushing Onslaught Floors?
  10. Is that a rule? I'm guessing slade did a search and this popped up and if the older information is still relevant today, a reply to this original thread would be appropriate. Slade's idea of currency/mod investment to upgrade a mod is good, i'm just not sure a good way to implement it. Also, I think we need to consider what Chromatic would be capable of doing with the upcoming release of DDA.
  11. So I understand the points about power creep, but I do have one issue with it. First, my plan is to get some really good gear and shards. Make an initial push to floor 300 or so and AP reset. After that I'll max as much of my stuff to chaos 8 and make a floor push hopefully into the 700's. This is why I would be motivated to do the AP resets and get additional Hypers if they would allow it. My issue with power creep is there is a built in system for countering it, and that is onslaught. I have the feeling that we should be able to obtain as much power as possible and then go to the highest floor possible. The differentiation of higher floors will show skill and placement. Allowing the Hyper shards would not be unfair, as everyone would have access to them, and it actually would require more maps than Mastery to obtain. I do not believe anyone can say they are so overpowered right now or ever, because of Onslaught. We will always/eventually meet a floor that is more powerful. What content are people worried about being too overpowered for?? Expeditions are a joke, I did the primes at ascension 800...the challenge is onslaught in my mind.
  12. I do not understand the question. Currently if trendy did nothing to the AP reset/hyper shard bug, it would allow any person to complete the Primes and acquire additional hyper shards. I do not know what the Meta build is and I do not plan on playing DDA. I may pick it up at a later date.
  13. I guess the point i'm making is they could do less work and let it be.
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