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  1. Was this in DD2 at some point?
  2. well I eventually got back in. I couldn't find information anywhere on server status. is there a place to check the status of the servers?
  3. Anyone else having issues logging in on xbox?
  4. What about a character that is the opposite of the Gunwitch...like a defensewitch? No offensive abilities, but can buff any tower, or has only towers and no abilities. Something in that realm. Could either be: Support character good for parties of 4 or Has like 6 different tower build options. Just a thought.
  5. That is a fair and good point. I've just made a comeback to this game maybe a month ago. What are some of the important stuff others are wanting? The inventory management is a just a Quality of Life thing for me since I like to farm and stay in the maps. The only other thing I've really noticed bothering me is the ability to party up with friends can be "finicky".
  6. If I'm farming pristine clusters and we are on map 5, we are going to need to do inventory management during the run. I'm guessing you have max bags as I do, but someone who doesn't have max vault space is going to be carrying shards, and mods, servos, pets, and upgrade materials they are keeping for later. If it is an option for the party leader, then the builders you know won't allow it anyway, so I don't understand how it could affect you negatively.
  7. If the option is given to the party leader, you would have the power to decide whether or not to allow inventory management during waves. In my mind, it could speed up waves/farm for those that are just farming expeditions. I would imagine if we could manage inventory during a wave, we could cycle waves faster because those being carried will not have a reason not to hit G.
  8. Could give the option to the leader to allow or not allow it?
  9. Anyway we can get an option to have inventory management during waves? Something we could allow or not as the party leader? Maybe a mobile app for inventory management?
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