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  1. True. I guess I should be more grateful but that doesnt change the fact that chromatic isnt doing a very good job on keeping us posted
  2. Still eagerly waiting for that update lol. Wanna play that beta so bad!
  3. I was just wondering when the monthly October update will come out on Kickstarter because we dont really have much informationon the beta and its release. The september update said a little over a mnth away. It has been a month and we still havent recieved any information regarding the beta. We have seen #beta in some twitter posts but thats about it.. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. I've actually received the code now but thanks anyway.
  5. I also havent recieved any dd1 codes even though a lot of people have. Is there any reason why I havent recieved the codes yet
  6. Thank you, Kyled. Considering you are from Chromatic, really reassures me that everything will work as intended.
  7. Yeah you're right. They are delivering internationally so getting an UK/EU code will probably be the case. If not, I have already emailed Kicksarted for more answers. Thank you for the help
  8. Downloadable content and other redeemable content can only be redeemed if the country you are redeeming it in is the same. Physical copies of tbe game can be played anywhere.
  9. I preorder the PlayStation Early Bird Bundle but I am from the UK so I am worried that the code that I will be sent will be region locked. Any answers to this will be greatly appreciated.
  10. What if we preordered it from the UK?
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