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  1. Hi there, I also had some Deadly Strikes and extra Power Transfer. I tried to make multiple Mystics and one of every hero.
  2. Hello, Indeed, a lot of hyper shards are sinply trash. Mastery restrictions and broken game - wiht the bulk of masteries which are completable with Protons + Dryad. When the Mastery started, I had a limited selection (true) of Relics and Shards.
  3. I tried the new patch on PS4 and it's practically freezing all the time. In maps and transitions as well. Also: is it possible to relight every brazier in case the only fire combo working comprises 2 mutually exclusive pickups?
  4. Update: I disabled my antivirus and it worked! Now, I can see the stats and defenses. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Hello, I cannot open the spreadsheets. When I copy and paste the url address, my browser redirects me to the dungeondefenders main page. I tried to open it in a private window - in vain.
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