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  1. Does your mastery stars work different then my or something? I'm on PS4 and all the chaos levels are added together meaning I can't get the next shard until getting the next flair... ie 50 stars( accumulated over all stages) awards shard one and 155(same as stated before) awards shard 2 and so on.
  2. The issue was brought up in another post I was able to fix it by changing servers. Game was extremely laggy even in town, couldn't load maps including private taverns without many failed attempts, after creating the lag continued and you would have to cross your fingers if playing public as you could time out when a new player joined.
  3. Only the first time I've ever experienced any issues with lag just came back recently but i played a few months a few years ago around the time just before and after C7 was introduced.
  4. haven't tried that yet. I have been able to load games in mastery takes a few attempts to create and laggy in game but works. ill try new region after this game.
  5. I'm also experiencing these issues. I tried joining another players game and when it loaded i was alone so i started, was a bit laggy but playable. However, when another joined in i had a huge lag spike but didn't timeout and continued. When the second person joined however i did time out and was sent back to the main screen.
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