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  1. How much mana are we talking for a capping builder trans set?
  2. I'm at that point where I can either spend endless hours farming for decent trans sets, or trade for some, and if I remember correctly, you used to be able to trade a cube for a few trans sets back in the day, so... Are people still trading the cubes you get from completing all original challenges on nmhc for trans sets, and if so, what can I expect to get from one? Trying to decide i f it's worth doing all the challenges.
  3. Not sure if this is the right place to say this, but not sure where to get technical help on this one. I've just bought the game, the Dungeon Defenders Collection (Summer-Winter 2012) (I used to have it years ago, not sure if it was the same Steam account or not), and when I opened it for the first time, it already had a bunch of characters created, some of them showing level 1, some showing level 83, but when I went in a game, those reverted back to level 1. It also had the Crystalline Dimension portal unlocked when I spawned in the tavern for the first time, but after I went into a game, it disappeared once I had returned to the tavern. Also, the tavern has all of the trophies in it, as though I had already completed the game, there's a few items in my item box already. Is there still official technical support from Trendy for this game, and where do I go to report this? Has this happened to anyone else? How can I fix it to start the game normally? Thanks for any help.
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