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  1. Previous highest bid has dropped out, so c/o is now @aaargh at 180cv
  2. I notice that you don't have an apprentice or adept. This is probably the first thing to work on, level up a tower app/adept, because lightning towers and deadly strike towers are OP now (and are the base of most end game builds nowadays), so they'll be very useful for farming other things like armor and pets etc. You can farm armor in most of the new maps in survival, I usually farm Coastal Bazaar for armor, moonbase campaign has good weapon and pet rewards, and is fast if you use the right build (again, usually a lightning tower build is fastest and easiest) This Link takes
  3. What is the best non-event item for a tower boost monk? Most people I've seen use a ball blater, but it's probably a long shot to find someone selling one, even if I did have enough currency to buy one (I don't). Are there any reasonable replacements for it?
  4. Thanks so much, this is perfect!
  5. any way to change the key for A/confirm? I'm on a mac, so I don't have an insert key
  6. Any recommendations for good emulators for windows 10? Finally got around to dual booting windows on my mac so I can actually get the newer maps etc. and need an emulator to speed up the progress.
  7. Are crystalline resurgence, coastal bazaar etc. available on mac? if not, will they be at any point?
  8. I was just doing an akatiti jungle run (trying to beat it on nmhc for the first time), and I encountered a glitch. In the build phase of wave 14, I was building strength drain + healing auras to help with the boss fight at the end of the wave, and I then added in a second character using a controller, but I was running out of time, so I added it in pretty much at 0 seconds, as combat started, but I guess I did it in time to get the rewards because my character spawned. The glitch that happened is, at that point, the "The Boss Approaches" text came onto the screen at the
  9. How much mana are we talking for a capping builder trans set?
  10. I'm at that point where I can either spend endless hours farming for decent trans sets, or trade for some, and if I remember correctly, you used to be able to trade a cube for a few trans sets back in the day, so... Are people still trading the cubes you get from completing all original challenges on nmhc for trans sets, and if so, what can I expect to get from one? Trying to decide i f it's worth doing all the challenges.
  11. Not sure if this is the right place to say this, but not sure where to get technical help on this one. I've just bought the game, the Dungeon Defenders Collection (Summer-Winter 2012) (I used to have it years ago, not sure if it was the same Steam account or not), and when I opened it for the first time, it already had a bunch of characters created, some of them showing level 1, some showing level 83, but when I went in a game, those reverted back to level 1. It also had the Crystalline Dimension portal unlocked when I spawned in the tavern for the first time, but after I wen
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