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  1. Do it first on normal then the same map on hard then the same map on insane and if you can beat NM you do the same map again en then you have to do all the maps to unlock it on the difficult you can do.
  2. To start off this not a attack I love you game but this is bothering me . In 2020 they give us a road map. At q2 the trade player was promised and swits and oke covid came I do onderstand. But then ...... We are working with Microsoft to target a Q1 2021 launch for the Xbox. As we progress through the certification process we will update the community on a more exact month or date. We need to get through “cert” first, then we can work with Microsoft to set an exact launch date.... Wtf why is switch to hard will trade ever come they do have time to make a new game mode. But not to finish the game first why is this ? Just say it I love to see you guys finish the game first then make nuw game mode. And not what you do now it make no sense. Or do you go back to Early Access like the game is. Don't get me ring i love the game and what your making of it I just don't understand why you don't finish it first
  3. If you look at the Nintendo site it's a little late hahahaha I think they want to say release date February 2021🤣
  4. ya but its still in dev it just is early access even if they don't say it and if you compare it to dd1 its have a lot more dev time
  5. ya but do hotfix and dont wait 2 months to fix the summit siren bug. and so you have more small bug what make the game better if you fix it.
  6. Ya the communication sucks. Most things they do on discord or so .... It's a shame . And there is still no ate on patch 1.2. hope it come fast there just to much bug in the game. Not only talking off loot drop . It's like for patch 1.1 the summit siren bug way is it in it for so long no one Wanne play summit. But they did have time to nurf the squir. And so are there more bugs
  7. I do like dda. It's a nice game but I don't like the rng at boss battle it's of all the other get the rong resistance and I loose. Or a missing shark get poison resist and I loose . I hope they make it so you don't fail the wave 25 of random shit. For the rest great work
  8. What full release it's not it's 80% don't no mix mode no trading no shop. I don't understand why they put it out of early access. If far from done
  9. Ya but they say it's early access
  10. It's not a dlc it's was made at the same time as survival and survival is base game and still they miss a lot of base game. Like mix mode so the game is strong not at it full and how can you make a dlc for a game it's only 90% done it's still early access they only don't call so no more
  11. Ya agree it's the problem. It's now motlre are you lucky what riren you get or do you have to start over
  12. Pls remove the sire from the boss battle at wave 25. It's just to random it's just no fun whit it
  13. Tobad it's still early acces. I hope if it come to the switch or ps4. The game is done atlast well get mass mixmoden and all the shop and the rest
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