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  1. Are You at thé correct tier ? Not all mods drop at c1
  2. There was a update and they start over You dit got gold for it.
  3. I don't think it works so. You have to buy the game in a different steam account en Just don't cheat The game is not so hard you want or need to cheat
  4. if you can see i have 0 mana this bug it in the game like forever pls fix it you get it when the host press ctrl g to fast when you are in loading
  5. i was looking at pet en compairing it en pres d and then this happend
  6. in foundries and forges still stuck siren
  7. why dont the beaming blosse m get buf if he is on a buf beam
  8. #pc i was playing pure and when same one leef the game its get a negetive mob count
  9. never im waiting for it for over 2 years. hahaha
  10. he guys love the update we dt 6+ weeks of testing. and i olso dit ptr and i think i was not the only one who says the-wisp is op. dit you guys read it or dit you wanna make an afk game. my game is like put bug beam same aura and 20 wisps and done. the only map i dit farm for is the keep
  11. Ya but I don't want the rebuild on the next wave
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