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  1. No, however Pure has seen it and we talked about the rift for a bit while i was in his shop and he didn't suspect it to be modded. I understand for some that's not enough so I will happily get it checked i just don't know how so if you could link me to any resources on that subject I will look around the forums for a how to in the meanwhile.
  2. Apologies for terrible formatting
  3. Hello, I'm looking to sell this fusion rift. . If I censored incorrectly please tell me I want to learn (This is my first post/First time using the forums). I'm accepting offers on a first come first serve. The first offer I like i will take. My steam (if necessary i don't know how this works) https://steamcommunity.com/id/daddydaddydaddydadyy/ . Thanks in advance
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