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  1. Meshak

    [WTA] A great cat

    if the trace is uncomplete than i won't accept it sry
  2. Meshak

    [WTA] A great cat

    Hey defenders, and welcome to this cat auction. The cats: There is actually not one but 2 cats in this auction, however i'm only auctionning one of them because those are my best and i need to keep the 2nd for myself. You don't have to precise the cat you want in your bid, you'll be able to choose between the two of them. Blue cat: Red cat: Actual bid: -> Dolgor: 20cv There's some screenshots to have an idea of the dps you can reach with those cats: Blue cat: - My stats: https://imgur.com/CkKXgbx - Damage per tick: https://imgur.com/19l4UH9 Red cat: - My stats: https://imgur.com/oDFJzHY - Damage per tick: https://imgur.com/NgEAU5d I'm accepting diamonds, cubes, coals and other events as well Auction will last 3 weeks from now. You can ask me there or dm me here or on discord if you have any questions. What they look in game:
  3. Here is the item i made. Name: <color:255,150,15>Blessed Brownie Forgername: <color:0,145,250>Meshak Item's primarycolor: 10 1 0.2 Item's secondarycolor: 2 0.2 0.1 I tried a lot of red and blue color brightenesses and i ended up with this one. It looks great in item box and on ground/players. As the rock is found in the volcano map, I made this one looks like a volcanic stone. The glowy red eyes looks like lava. For the description i have 2 idea i like: 1: It's overloading you with his power?! 2: You are now over encumbered Ups are 60/60 because Cursed Brownie is having 1/60. Imo, the pet is balanced. It will never be used on builders. I see it mostly as a fun stat pet. It can be fun to see some players using it for a few extra damage stats but being insanely slow (especially with SL skins). And also seing them dying sometimes because they can't dogde anything,... Or just using Blessed Brownie as a nice tavern decoration. It can be a very fun pet to use.
  4. Auction ended, it didn't reach the hidden reserve
  5. Hey Defenders, i'm auctioning those chain boots i got from infested IC by Moose: https://imgur.com/eiRw8Ss The Auction will end at midnight BST on Thursday 13th August. Bids posted in the last 12 hours of the auction will extend it by another 12 hours. I reserve the right to not sell to the final offer if i am not happy with it. I'm accepting Coal,Cubes,Diamonds (5/10/15), Mail apprentice ++ armor, plate range ++ armor,, Pristine Ab2 armor (with ok hp and hdmg) (pm me so i can tell you if i'm interested or not) Events i'm accepting : - Celebration/NPC/EPC, : 110cv - FP : 400cv -Celebracers : 110cv - Cinnamon : 80cv - Ginger : 120cv -Butterscotch : 250cv - Toy sword: 40cv -I may accept other events, dm me and i'll tell you if i want it or not...
  6. That's great, it would be awesome if this was added to ranked
  7. Auction ended, The CDrag is for ASAPferocity
  8. Auction will last only 3 days from now Bids posted in the last 12 hours of the auction will extend it by another 12 hours. I'm accepting Coal,Cubes,Diamonds (5/10/15), events (dm me to value events offer) IC by Escev: https://imgur.com/dpErBs3
  9. Auction is extended again by a few hours to prevent any snipping
  10. Auction is extended by 10 hours due to late last bid
  11. I tested dps with both red and this Cdrag with a SL monk skin, 5k hero damage and 3k ab2 (Same stats have been used in the polly contest to test pollys dps This is Red Dps, it's not very precise, it's between 34.3M and 40M dps but as 34.3M showed up more often it's closer to 34.3M (maybe 35 or 36M dps) And this is The CDragon DPS It's 45.46M and the dps was sometimes dropping to 39.7M dps so it's closer to 45.46M dps (i'd say it's around 43M dps) So this CDragon is dealing between 7 and 8M more dps than Red (with 5k and 3K) which is very nice (even if the CDrag has no Hero dmg unfortunatly)
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