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  1. Thought it'd be nice to have an accessory that goes with Something Pink and Arm Guards of Love.
  2. --ITEM CHOICE-- The item of choice is the Omenak Mask, specifically for the dark angel set bonus. --STATS-- The stats are based around other existing masks, especially Ocean. It is made to be more useful on Monk than Ocean, but still have incentive to use Ocean on something like a Jester or EV due to the higher Hero Damage/Ability Two. The tower stats are decent for when you need to build auras in the heat of battle as well. --DETAILS-- This item is a homage to the weapon used for a low stat Great Old One challenge. Item name, upgrades and quality are a reference to the original Obunga's Lament (the Mischief Maker used in the challenge). Description and forged name is a reference the original 'Obunga' Great Old One challenge. Mana value is a reference to the HP value of Great Old One on one player scaling. Item Info Item on character Item on ground
  3. Auction ends on August 15th at 8PM CEST Bids in the last 12 hours extend the auction 12 hours This auction includes two apprentice builder staffs. Only one of these are being sold. The winner of the auction gets to decide which one they want, and I will keep the other one. Currency Accepted Final Patch - 400 cv Butterscotch - 250 cv Pointy Hats - 100 cv Celebracers - 90 cv ---One cannot bid multiple of the event items below this line--- Gaias Last Gift - 60 cv Vile Lords Clutch 15 cv Iraxto 10 cv Diamonds Coal --Diamonds/Coal go at standard rates-- Item Check: https://imgur.com/a/OPEZ245 Dm me at Tbolt#6824 should there be any questions
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  5. Should be at the bottom of your post. if it's not there you can try adding "?do=edit" to the end of your url. If that still doesn't work it's bugged for you, happens sometimes
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