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  1. Several popular options for using augmented reality in games : - Geolocation games: games can be superimposed on top of real maps and locations. Players will be able to explore the real world in a new way and communicate. - The appearance of the elements of the game in real life: the game dynamics will appear in our daily activities, and anything can become a competition. - Dynamic avatars: animated avatars will reflect the real emotions and parameters of the user. - Pets in AR: people will be able to have a virtual pet, which you can take with you anywhere and introduce pets to other
  2. VR will change what we mean by the word "Toy." Along with VR technologies, remote control devices and 3D printers, VR don't disconnect children from the physical world, they simply redefine how children interact with the outside world as a whole. This gives them the ability to visualize and create their own toys, VR-video. Look to the list of best virtual reality apps for kids
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