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  1. ZoOm: not just camera angles, but camera zooms (even just 'Near' and 'Far'). I have a good-sized television, but get headaches trying to figure out which defense I'm about to upgrade, or if an enemy just sneaked past me. My boyfriend is constantly angrily cursing how close the camera is.
  2. Thank you. Where am I supposed to look for this information? It’s not in the patch notes thread.
  3. That affected North American users? I’m playing in Canada.
  4. I have looked around, but can’t find any mention of a console update which downloaded yesterday. Does anyone know what this update/patch has changed? Specifically, I’m playing on PS4...
  5. I'm looking forward to having an actual digital guide for the new game. That said, having an NPC (like a Guide or NPC-Ranger) in the game who can provide a comprehensive assortment of tips for understanding what the heck is going on—I had to Google so much, watch videos, and ask so many players questions (it was discouraging and exhausting)—would be incredibly kind of the developers. I agree that figuring things out organically can be a rewarding experience, but being left stranded makes the game feel like it has a black hole in it. Also, I don't think it promotes a healthy culture in the community when an elite are in the know of things which should be common knowledge.
  6. I recently played the first game for the first time. It's amazing! I'm usually strictly a console gamer (PlayStation) but, as I'd pre-ordered "Awakened", I received the code for the additional content and didn't want it to go to waste. it helped that Steam had the game on sale! Anyway, I LOVE customisation! One of the aspects of the original that I was pleasantly surprised by was the ability to edit the colour schemes of heroes and crystals. Yes, the costumes are awesome, and swapping parts—in the second game—of (mostly) the default is cool. But I would love to see the colour customisation brought back! However... if a developer is reading this, PLEASE include a value indicator (such as RGB or HSV) in arbitrary count or percentage. Otherwise, replicating a look (to match parts or heroes to crystals) or creating 'team' colours becomes impossible. Games like "Terraria" have had HUGE missed opportunities by incorporating a free form method of colour selection, and it's maddening when trying to build upon a theme and create a more personal experience. I don't know how many other people care about this, and my opinion is somewhat informed by my OCD, but I am hoping I'm not just an exception.
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