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  1. There is, you cluck on a title it will show up but then when you come out it doesn't show and go back to no title when you click on it again
  2. Do these automatically equipped or do i need to do it, if so how? Im in ps4 and ive tried everything but it doesn't stick to my name ingame
  3. Thank you for this info. I knew i should've asked ages ago. Much appreciate this info. Going to start my grind now. Cheers mate
  4. Where can i find this mod, greatly appreciate some help from anyone with knowledge please guys. Love to have this mod just dont know how to get it ir where to farm for it. Trued looking for it myself and going on 2 weeks looking and still nothing Chee
  5. I have been farming for almost 2 months to guild destruction and I still can't because it doesn't drop as often as the other fucking shards. If I had enough money to buy you out I would fire the person with these ideas to make things uninterested and hard. I've spent fucking more than 6 hrs of my life on this shit every day just to guild destruction and I still cant. You only want little kids to hang around in your game and leave for Fortnite because the idea behind getting these rewards are just fucking useless. Fire whoever is incharge of these ideas and get and equal fucking chance of shard
  6. Just saw this update through Juicebags channel!
  7. Are these skins available for everyone else to buy? I feel cheated on, played for almost 3years but still struggling through onslaught putting in alot of grind and i miss out still?? Whats with that?
  8. Can someone with a very high onslaught floor recommend a hero and their defense i should build up for end game please? It took me a long time to gear up and i feel like i am not getting through the floors as easily as should be.
  9. Ayrtonahfook

    Amp 8

    Looking for some Amps c8 please
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