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  1. I might be a bit late to collect my reward... is a year and a half still an acceptable claim window...?
  2. I have once again been unable to resist the call of nostalgia, and restarted DD, deleting a few pages of level 100s, and selling most of my gear to tavernkeep, with the exception of events (for obvious reasons) and these peices below are what i deem too OP for poor ol' tavernkeep... The items below are all up for auction, in various states of upgradedness, and can be bundled together when bidding. (if you want to place a single event item as a bit for several pieces of armour, I will try to work out how that willl work later...) only accepting cubes and events* (perferred). It has be
  3. Did I make it in time? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198957657193/
  4. Gotta be the Rainmaker... Just out of curiosity, does the item we state have anything to do with the reward we may get? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198957657193/
  5. My favourite memory is probably the first time I got 2 Glaciers, and literally farming boss rush for about 3 hours straight with a group of complete strangers... Didn't need anything from boss rush, neither did they, but we just wanted to see how fast we could complete it... Gotta love the DD Community! https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198957657193/
  6. no, im not THAT much of an idiot! I mean do you reach out to us on steam, or do we have to send you a request. I play on an alt account through family sharing, so I cant send friend requests...
  7. Do we have to get in touch somehow for the rewards?
  8. Ah, sorry. Didn't read the accepted section. Assumed event valued were included. Fair enough...
  9. Hi guys! I am looking to auction off these 2 items. Auction will end on 20th of September. No Mana or Coal will be accepted, bids will be in cubes, but Events will be very much accepted! MSG me to query event values. Bids within the Final day may lengthen the auction by an additional day. I reserve the right not to sell should I not be happy with the final bid. I also reserve the right to shorten the auction to a single day when I feel the bids are acceptable, so dont hessitate! PS: Thanks to Plane for the IC, and the ancient Akatikian Warriors for crafting these
  10. Can I take your Mr. Skelly with a Death Wish? traced ofc...
  11. Thanks for the givaway (and the memes it has created!) 1. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198957657193/ 2. Events and Dice please! 3.
  12. Ok, thanks. I seem to recall doing CR1 on insane HC, and didn't find a crystal weapon in my box. I will try it again, and see if I can beat the boss on NM. Thanks for the help!
  13. I know this post is a year out of date, but I have asked this question in a new post and not got a response, so here seems like the next best place... How do you get and ult (or even ult++) crystal weapon? I know they are rewarded for completing CD on easy>insane, but Ult++ seems a bit out of the question for that, as someone who doesn't have 1000s of hours to farm... are they rewarded for completing the CR maps on a certain difficulty as well now, or do I just have to try my luck with CD insHC...
  14. I am an alt account, so I can't send requests...
  15. is this still valid? if so, when do the rewards get handed out?
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