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  1. i relaunched dda after like 5 min and discovered ALL my toons, their gear, and gold and progression just reset. WTH?! Come on man, seriously X_X
  2. So i played dda during early access. When i transfered account to Play version it locked me completely out of Massacre mode. Please note i have cleared Hard, Insane, and NM modes and beat up to ALab on Massacre multiple times and it still locks me out of Mass Survival mode. Any advice would be appreciated ty.
  3. I think that the Dungeon Defenders 2 needs more unique hero based mods that add more diverse gameplay mechanics or add interesting abilities at the very least. Comment me what u think of these mods I list. SQUIRE Serpent's Gaze- While blocking, you emit a cone of writhing force, slowing enemies down to 60% and Hindering them, causing them to deal less damage. If under the Hindering effect for more than 3 seconds, enemies will be petrified for 3 seconds. Solar Blade Beam- Sword beam and Besty's Sword Beam now explode upon impact, dealing 250-350% Ability Power as damage to nearby enemies. Emberquakes- Seismic Slam now leaves a damaging pool of Ember within its area of effect, dealing 500-1000% Ability Power over 8 seconds to enemies that stand in it. Guardian Shield- Increases the radius of your Block by 50% and you can take 10-35% less damage from projectiles. Kingsguard Resilience- Blocking melee attacks now restores 1% of your maximum health while blocking projectiles grants a Crusader Charge. When you gain 20 Crusader Charges, you emit a wave of force that deals 250-600% of your Hero Damage as magical Earth Damage in a line and knocking back enemies hit. Cannot restore health more than once every 2.5 seconds. Thorc's Wrath- Provokes' duration is increased by 15 seconds but its effect is reduced by 15%. In addition, you are now bathed in lightning, dealing 150-450% Ability Power as magical storm damage per second to nearby enemies. HUNTRESS Falcon Blast- Piercing Shot now launches two addition projectiles that spread outwards, each dealing 200-500% Ability Power as magical fire damage to enemies hit. Venom Shrapnel- Oil Flask launches shrapnels that deal 100-270% Ability Power as poison damage to enemies hit and withers them for 6-15 seconds, causing them to deal less damage. Healing Flasks- Oil Flask now heals any defenses hit, restoring 4% of their Defense Health. Elven Silverthorn Bolts- Your primary attacks deal 5-40% increased damage to struck enemies and have a 10-30% chance to knockup enemies. Supercharged Charged Shot- Your primary attacks now have a 25-50% chance to fire a charge shot that explodes upon impact, dealing 200-300% Hero Damage as damage in a small area of effect. APPRENTICE Mana Recoil- Mana Bomb now fires a wave of force while charging that stuns enemies for 3 second. Sight of the Grand Mage- You periodically mark a distant enemy, allowing you to cast Arcane Volley/Arc Lightning at the marked target. Casts every 5 seconds. Aftershock- Fully Charged Secondary Attack now spawn meteors that deal 100-450% Ability Power as damage to enemies near the enemy hit. Heavy Gale- Tornadoes duration is increased by 10 seconds and now homes in on enemies. If an enemy dies while affected by Tornado, it increases its duration by an extra 3 seconds up to 5 seconds. Infernado- Tornado now explodes after its duration ends or enemies hit by it die, dealing 500-1200% Ability Power as extra magical damage. MONK Oracles' Blessing- Primary attacks grant Oracle Charges when striking enemies, which increase your Ability Power and Hero Damage by 1% per charge, When you reach 30 charges, your next secondary attack fires a bolt of lightning that deals 600-1500% Ability Power as damage to enemies hit and uses a charge the more secondary attacks are used. Leaping Smash- Pole Smash now launches you towards a nearby enemy. Way of the Chi- Increases the range of Boost Auras by 55%. In addition, you deal 10-45% more damage to further you are from a Boost Aura but decrease your critical hit chance by 10%. You regenerate 5% of your max health and take 30% less damage while within a Boost Aura. Crippling Chi- Concussive Wave now also confuses enemies, causing them to take 5-45% more damage. Heroic Banner- Heroic Wave places a banner that increases Defense Power and Defense Range by 20-40% to nearby defenses. Allies gain 20% increased Hero Health and Hero Damage when near the Banner. Cannot place it more than once every 8 seconds. Hope you enjoyed this. Message me at the bottom on your thoughts on these mods. Peace out Defenders
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