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  1. As most people here i will also give my pros and cons for the game so the developers get the feedback they need to make this game great. At this point i have done each of the 4 missions on insane and went for some insane survival tries aswell. Pros: - The art style actually looks good, i thought it looked really ugly in the trailers but while playing i actually found the really like it, gj - Different colours for different loot is great, its not like in dd1 where everything below mythical has the same color. different colours mean you really know when you find something great - the maps are good, not great, not bad, just good i guess - The mana system is actually the one from dd1 with the blue mana not being a pickup and just regenerating (which wasnt like that even in dd1) and its really good, i like it Cons: - THE UI, ITS SO UGLY. the ui doesnt fit the game in any way and i seriously dont know what made them think it would be a good idea. It should be alot more cartoony and, like in dd1, easy to read. You have to go through so many menues and read so much stuff just to find out little things about your charakter (like the stats) which were instantly in your face in dd1 - Dissapearing mana? Why does mana dissapear after some time? It makes solo defending a matter of just running around like crazy trying to collect all the mana from all the lanes. It should stay until the end of the wave and then all dissapear at once when the next wave starts. - Not dissapearing loot? After doing survival for some waves everything is soooo full of loot that you cant even see if you found any nice new stuff. - Lvling of all characters equally. I know its Quality of Life to have all lvl equally but... it kinda ruins multiplayer. Why should you start the game with a friend on 2 different characters if you can just solo play all 4 without really any dissadvantage. I think you should commit to one character at a time so that you actually have to work together with others instead of just hoping others dont take your Defense Points -Perfomance and Stuff that will hopefully be fixed later like bugs etc In the end i really liked it alot more than i wouldve thought but it still has some glaring issues.
  2. I have a dilemma, i dont like DD2 but i really like the t-shirt. Would it be possible that instead of giving us something in Dungeon Defenders 2 which i dont play, giving us something in Dungeon Defenders Awakened which would have alot more use since thats the game i pledged for. It could be the first 3 dlcs for free or something like that. All in all i really like that you take responsebility for the issue.
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