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  1. Thanks :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/ruffer
  2. This was harrddddd https://steamcommunity.com/id/ruffer/ https://imgur.com/a/ez3tw61 Thanks for the runs community team :D
  3. Hi Crotorious, I had a similar problem with launching the game recently. Every time I pressed play on the launcher it would crash, steam would say running then not 3 seconds later. I also tried the things you have done however mine is fixed and your problem could be similar. Do you get a crash dump in your Dungeon Defenders\Binaries\Win32 folder? It will be called something like "dundefgame_7504_crash_2019_5_29T21_15_11C0.mdmp". I debugged mine by opening the crash dump in visual studio and running Debug with native only. It hit an access violation relating to nvcuda.dll which is Nvidia, and relating to graphics drivers. I updated my drivers and it launched after a restart. Try updating your graphics card drivers first, and if you get a crash dump post the file here if you can, if you don't have visual studio ill debug it for you. Hope this helps.
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