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  1. Thank you for your reply! Yes it was a mistake by me and I was able to fix it with the AP. Thank you for your tips! I really appreciate it!
  2. WTB prestine motes in PS4
  3. I checked before upgrading to chaos 8. I thought it was a bug that it showed the 95% would turn in 95% when upgrading to chaos 8. it’s was tenacity 10 before upgrading as it is still. But what can I do to fix that issue? I mean I rolled that servo a million times to get it to 10 and the after upgrading it’s still 95%. Any suggestions? Will upgrading it to plus 1 also pump up the tenacity to 100%?
  4. I am prepared to pay a very fair amount if anyone would sell for real world currency
  5. I understand, don’t have much gold ready to go. That’s why I thought about some deposit until I have gathered the gold. Easiest would be a voice chat to discuss. But I can’t force you.
  6. Consider them sold! I’ll take them!
  7. Want to buy Tenacity Servo 10/10 ps4! please let me know as soon you ha e one for sale. Thanks
  8. WTB Tenacity 10 and chaos 8 amp. PS4. please offer me everything.
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