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  1. i really hope i can get some help. whenever i launch the game it starts in a low resolution in windowed mode (and i have to change the settings every time i launch it.) then when i finally get in the game whilst freezing for multiple seconds on loading screens and taking ages. whenever im playing every like i'd say 30 seconds to 1 minute the game just freezes on me for like 5 seconds long! its not playable like this and i cant find anyone else with the same problem. ive reinstalled the game and everything. i downloaded newest drivers and it didnt help. every time i change one little setting even if its just volume when i click apply it takes over 5-10 seconds to go back to the game after clicking apply. everything makes it freeze for a bit and yeah its just unplayable. specs: aorus nvidia RTX 2080 intel i7 9700k aorus z390 master motherboard. gskill trident rgb 16gb ram. samsung nvme m.2 ssd you would say with these specs this game wouldnt have a problem at all but yeah....... thanks for the help already i really hope people know why this is happening and are able to help! thanks!
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