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  1. I actually did end up finding a solution. I made a different Steam account and family shared the game with it and launched with the new account. Now it launces just fine on every account.
  2. Since about late 2017-early 2018, this game refuses to launch. I can hit play on the launch, it brings up the logo, and nothing happens. Steam also says the game isn't running after the logo disappears. I've tried an ungodly amount of solutions on multiple PCs to no avail. Here's what I tried so far: 1. Verifying integrity of files. (After trying to launch, 1-2 files will fail. They will successfully validate until I try to launch again, then it will fail again.) I will literally rip out every hair on my body if I see this suggested one more time. 2. Reinstalling with and without DLC
  3. I just searched the Win32 folder and the Dungeon Defenders directory (just to be safe) and couldn't find any crash files.
  4. So I've had this problem since around the start of the year. Whenever I try to start the game, the launcher will appear. When I click play on the launcher, it will display a pure white window for about a quarter to half a second, and kill game (confirmed by task manager). This problem happened on my old pc, and the one I built in April. Both machines are Windows 10. I looked on many other forums, and none of them helped me. Solutions I've already tried: Reinstalling VCredist Verifying integrity of files Renaming Dungeondefenders.exe and DunDefGame.exe Changi
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