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  1. Good to know those things about hailstorm. I've been using training dummy as a bait, instead of frostbite.
  2. Sometimes I've been building stuff to The flying spawns, but usually I just dont. Dunno why, maybe just because using a tower is "funnier"
  3. Thanks for the answers. I've decided to buy Adept to get hailstorms.
  4. Hello there, my fellow defenders! So, I've come across with this little problem with my sgt. The thing is, I dont like to constantly swap stuff between heroes and different defenses. That's why, I've build up my heroes and defenses to a certain point, where I dont need to do it at all in any cases. I have a counter to everything this game tries to throw at me, ready to be placed immediatly. No need to search a specific shard from another defence or equip another medallion just because ''this time X mutator popped up on onslaught''. Except my Sky guard tower. SGT is just awesome, no complains about that. But for this defence, I have to swap medallions and shards, depending about the map i get. I want to get rid of this ''problem'' and hailstorm might be the answer. Currently I do use SGT with unique powerservo and Vicious strikes and without ups/vs on maps, where i need to build more than one sgt. Is it worth, using hailstorms to replace sgt's on the maps, where i need more than one. f.e: Lost Temple: Need more than one sgt, so instead of swapping shards and medallion, i could just keep the ups/vs version sgt and build hailstorms instead of multiple sgt's? I dont mind, if there is just a little bit difference, but if the 3x sgt is way better, then it is what it is. Currently i dont own the Adept hero, so can't test it out myself. I had no intentions of buying the initiate or the adept, but if this hailstorm can fix my ''problem'', i'll get it immediatly. TL:DR TL;DR TL;DR TL;DR TL;DR Is there a huge difference in terms of power between these two setups(I use 3xAA as an example)? a) SGT with Vicious strikes/Unique powerservo and 2x Hailstorms b) 3x SGT without the ups. setup ''a)'' does not have to be better at all compared to ''b)'', but if it can handle the task without a problem, it is enough. Any experience with the hailstorm? Is it a total failure, or does it work just fine? All kind of things and thought are appreaciated! Thanks a lot!
  5. I'm currently using: Shards: Mass-destruction, Gilded-destruction, Gilded-rate Mods: Power servo, Anti-melee servo, Melee-explosion servo Tooltips shows around 1,46M DPS tier1, with no buffs. Power Pylon takes it up to 1,72M if i remember correctly. This setup works pretty good all around source of damage, that I can support out with other, more spesified defences.
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