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  1. I know I am late to the party, but I don't use kickstarter as my personal news source. So today, when I wanted to get back into DDI with some friends, I was looking for a way to buy a complete edition since I am missing most of the dlc, and thought that would be a great way to get back in for some fun. Well, I apparently have the following options: Buy all the dlc individually for 60 EUR. And I noticed that during kickstarter, I could get a complete DDI pack with a key for DDA for 16 (usd, eur? doesnt much matter), and I would have been all over that, but alas.. too late. So maybe the preorder? at 40USD and NO complete DDI included, that is not going to happen either. PLEASE understand that this is not a whiny wah-wah post about me missing the boat. I accept that. But I feel obligated to let Chromatic know that I will not be buying DDA in preorder unless a complete DDI comes along, and I really don't see how a graphics upgrade can be worth 40USD (unless it comes with upgraded versions of every single DDI dlc included). I sure hope you get a great success, and a huge community around DDA. But I won't be a part of it, and as a conscientious consumer I feel obligated to let you know that I am out here, I'd love to be a part of it, but I believe your pricing structure to be misguided :) Good luck to you :)
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