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  1. +1 on the chat window: fonts weird, windows too small and dont auto scroll. thought the dd2 version was better but this is only beta could change a lot :o)
  2. im getting a lot of lag but im playin on win7 and its not recommended so im not reportin it
  3. Noticed if pointing in any direction other than level straight ahead after a repair the camera snaps back to looking level straight ahead. happened to me pointing down repairing some auras
  4. Sent? I wish it was sent... would of saved me a plane trip down to Florida :o)
  5. Um, you're welcome. Hope the game turns out great!
  6. Twitch link at the top of the forum is still linked to the TrendyInc twitch address. needs updated.
  7. You'll be lucky to get ramen noodles! HaHaHa! Personally I'd be OK with pizza and some bread sticks but you never know! Is Po-Folks still around? Gimme some Po-Folks! heheh...
  8. Heh, good questions, thanks for the reply. :)
  9. i would hope they did both, so hardcore and casual players would get something out of each DLC.. I used to play EQ back in the day, and they came out with an expansion that was all endgame content, but didn't communicate it to players that well. paid 40$ for the expansion, struggled with it for bout a week, and said forget it. stopped playing the game altogether.
  10. ...To ask a question to chromatic face to face, what would it be? keep it positive please.. :)
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