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  1. Wonder if that's a backer and which one? our pictures are supposed to be added to the game, all the ones in the tavern I was guessing are backers.. anyone want to claim theirs?
  2. Mysterio


    yes, one in the secret room, one in the vip room
  3. Noticed the pages laying all over the tavern actually say stuff, found 6 of them so far "if you manage to decipher this language, you must have a lot of time on your hands <.>" "My life has been dedicated to defending this book. please keep it safe, new owner." "if you read a book backwards it makes a completely different story. it might even be more interesting." "there are days where i can take this burden no more. for now, i will just wright my sorrows away." "long ago there lived four great fighters. they never got along this tragedy is what lead to their demise. to this day their foolishness shamed." "the key to immortality is the blood of the innocent. this can only be achieved through special mevans" also the pizza boxes in the vip room say "etheria pizzeria" :o) the bold words i think might be typos?
  4. <!--The Best Web Developers use inline CSS, it's just a fact Higgs. 9 out of 10 PhD web developers agree!--> ouch, a little dig at higgs, comment in the source html :oP
  5. Mysterio


    ok looked some more up to 6 now, and a weird bug.. plus 3 dog bones, and that weird doll thing
  6. my characters are lvl 70 atm and Ive only just found my first shield, and i play the squire exclusively. they seem pretty damned rare. Also they dont show up visually in multiplayer for some reason. a bug im assuming.
  7. Mysterio


    i only seen 4 so far, but i didn't look real hard yet :o)
  8. its the VIP room, err, the secret room? the one with the TV, not sure which is which
  9. KS skins were supposed to be exclusive to KS backers, rift and crystalline skins were offered in the prestigious edition pre order i believe? but also given to 40$ + backers i believe for not being able to upgrade preorders. see update #24 on the KS website
  10. By KS rewards do you mean the skins? I thought the KS skins were exclusive to the KS backers and the crystalline and rift skins were for prestigious preorder buyers and higher tier KS backers. I've received only rift skins and KS giraffe so far, no pheonix or crystalline or KS exclusive skins...
  11. gameplay was greyed out for me as well on the main screen, get into your tavern and then try it.
  12. i found some sorting types that you cant get by clicking if you the keyboard button to switch it. on mine its "w" including ipwr. half the sort options are confusing as hell and half dont sort correctly though..
  13. Also the "weapon" stat at the bottom on aegis weapons has same error
  14. Twitch link at the top of the forum is still linked to the TrendyInc twitch address. needs updated.
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