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  1. So I have a three screen setup and used to play with two toons at a time (one using the keyboard and the other using an xbox controller). My video settings in game are for vertical split and this worked fine. Yesterday I added a second xbox controller expecting that running three toons would all use the vertical split screen setting, putting one character on each screen vertically. However, when I log in the third toon, he comes in using horizontal split screen shared with the second xbox controller character. Vertical is still setup in the video options yet it forces the 2nd and 3rd toon
  2. A key factor you guys are forgetting who have claimed that "They're not testing it" is that testing content works in a variety of ways in a variety of situations. The King's Game introduces the special tiles for the waves, so one thing to test is every possible outcome with the tiles: Make sure that getting X of the same type in a row doesn't have a bug. Make sure that stepping on 4 tiles simultaneously with 4 players doesn't cause a bug to occur. Make sure that getting 2+ launching you into the air back-to-back isn't catastrophic (i.e. one person hits the ceiling so they can step on one whi
  3. You know what would have been a better idea? Playtesting. Ever. You released a map that (if it had been playtested) you would have known ahead of time was too easy. Considering how hard EVERYTHING is at launch as a result of your beta testers wearing Ultimate gear, if you had tested this AT ALL you probably would have released the version we currently have telling us how easy it's supposed to be. We got a nice look at your beta tester gear in the Jester preview video. You do realize we don't all have that gear, right? But no. No one tested it, otherwise I think maybe you would ha
  4. Except that Trendy doesn't think it is broken. Good luck convincing them.
  5. I used to play DD a lot with my kids. But we gave up maybe 6 months or so ago because we got sick of the all the undocumented things(nerfs and buffs) that never made it to the patch notes and the complete lack of balance testing. It really got tiring to have patches or new things released to have nerfs come down the pipe only days later. We started playing again last week hoping at least one of these things would have changed...sadly this doesn't seem to be the case. I don't get it...are the devs and testers just sitting around smoking weed all day long?
  6. Doing what some_guy said: Name it "A Sharken", join random games and start moving their towers. Awesome. No wonder people auto kick everyone more and more these days.
  7. Wow at all the fanboys basically telling people not to complain... Some people prepaid for this content...so yes they have a right to complain when it is late. And complaining never gets you anywhere? Do you just bend over for everyone as you go through life?
  8. The problem with spiders is that they fixed one bug and revealed another worse bug. Shooting through walls can not be intended behavior for them; it's almost impossible to defend against. That is just another feature added to the long list of items that make this game more fun...
  9. [insert moronic obligatory comment stating item has to be hacked]
  10. To all the whiners saying the OP is hacking...being that it is ridiculously easy to hack in this game...if the OP was hacking, do you really think he would even be making this thread if he hacked his gear? Couldn't he just correct it?
  11. Good luck keeping it up do date... Many of the patch notes I have looked at (and I gave up after a point) are riddled with inaccuracies, are missing information, and have a history of stealth changes. When the devs can't even keep track of their own changes...how will the user community do at documenting it?
  12. It illustrates that the only way the devs know how to balance is with sledge hammers rather than scalpels.
  13. ...there would have been a better uptick of users with the recent DLC and Amazon Sale (which allowed Steam registration). Perhaps it is time to stop nerfing, start listening to your current users, and start fixing the real problems. And here is a hint, making pets bigger wasn't fixing a problem. Graph source http://steamstatshistory.appspot.com/list
  14. Do the verify integrity of the game cache for DD in steam. I had the same thing happen and doing that fixed it.
  15. Sorry to see someone took time to make this map. Hopefully it didn't take away resources from fixing some of the real problems with this game. I hated it and will never play it again. I guess that is what free equates to.
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