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  1. [QUOTE]stopped playing the game[/QUOTE] i am too)
  2. and what distance? half of the map? ))))))
  3. this is called ergonomics! but T do not know about it, or do not pay attention to it (judging by the interface of the game)
  4. And what kind of shock wave in front of me? Spiders do not do that.
  5. [QUOTE]within a week[/QUOTE] that bug from NM start
  6. Is the patch is already out?
  7. [QUOTE]lucky with dcs and crashes. [/QUOTE] nice! +100500
  8. [QUOTE]"remove" the roots and vines[/QUOTE] the game is full of mysterious places! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_BQfCXnE1zQ
  9. [QUOTE]If it lags[/QUOTE] its solo game, i am host, no lags [QUOTE]but it was the harder to see DEW on the left that swung right when you took damage.[/QUOTE] but he is far away! how did he get me?
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Rfa1oo_7yU Is it possible to find such things or is this a hack?
  11. Whats DEW? )) at the beginning of MM wave of it occurs very often I do not even have time to restore health
  12. There is no one within the close attack range and no one shoots from a distance
  13. sometimes I can not open the game! I click "Show match" but nothing happens and the button does not change! and for some reason I can not invite friends - just disappears from the menu
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