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  1. I really wanted the t-shirt but I can not justify 30 shipping + 40% import duties on the total value (t-shirt and poster + shipping) customs would charge me. I understand you are a small company and mistakes can happen, but 1100 gems instead of a t-shirt and a poster seems like a really cheap replacement. at least offer the same value in gems as the poster and t-shirt are on your store. USA backers get 30$ value in physical goods, EU backers can either pay over 50 euros on top to get the same or get a digital reward for an older game worth only 10$ Seems not fair, even for a DD2 player like myself it feels cheap. I will not do a chargeback out of sympathy for a small company like chromatic, if this was any other big gaming company I would have done the chargeback without even posting comment.
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