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  1. Mr Ed: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972383665/
  2. Mr Ed: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972383665/
  3. Thanks for the contest. Last minute run made clutching it that much better.
  4. This was a fun contest. Cant wait to see the last minute entries :).
  5. It was cool seeing all the details added to the recent maps. Especially the hidden mummy and fish swimming in the moat. https://imgur.com/a/hvuTpDA
  6. Mr Ed

    [WTB] Ginger

    Buying Ginger (also looking for Cinnamon) event guardian pets. Willing to overpay a little for them. Also have Azure Peak, Overload, Firestorm and Lumen willing to offer for trade. Contact me on discord: MrEd007#5273
  7. Looking to auction off my tavern full of ult/93/+ armor pieces with <250 upgrades I have collected throughout my time farming. Currency that I accept: 1. Coal to cube ratio 8:1 2. Cubes 3 Diamonds 5/10/15cv 4 Events - You can reply hear or contact me on discord "MrEd007#5273" Auction ends Sunday, January 5th at 12:05pm PST. Minimum reserve is 5cv. Good luck! Exosheep won with 6cv
  8. My favorite memory has to be joining ytk420’s public lobby where he carried everyone who joined. This eventually led to running poly for the first time where evan, freee, cookie muffin, scarss, ytk420 and others carried my unprepared under stated characters. It was a lot of fun and I appreciated how welcoming and kind they were. Also, thank you to all who host public lobbies and carry people. Once you realize that they could just use emu or controllers to maximize their rewards you gain a better appreciation for this community.
  9. YGK’s Extended Meat Carver, since this was the first event item I got by randomly stumbling in on Plane’s lobby where she taught me the ropes about the community and late game. Also, I want to see Chewy do a Barbarian dual wielding YGK Old One run.
  10. Quality color around item names is nice. Coastal Bazaar: Small balconies have benches which prop your character up making it easy to run off the ledge. One small balcony has a rope to another balcony. Balconies are so close making this unnecessary. Especially with killzones so close. Minions can be placed outside left and right side of map on sand and buildings. Rope at bottom right of map is easy to go up but walking from grass section down character gets stuck at top of rope. Ledge bottom left of map (mirrored to the rope) is easy to fall off into corner when climbing. Maybe make it so you can’t go under it. Wyverns get stuck on curved walls. Mana can get stuck on ceiling rings in middle of map. Could those rings rotate? https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197972383665/
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