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  1. I'm siding with Borg on this one. Holiday stuff is always supposed to be themed content for everyone to enjoy and partake in. Not supposed to be "end game". They did it to make everyone happy, I'm sure it was easy for them to do cause they did it pretty fast. Plus Trendy said this themselves that solo and group play is possible. I also stated myself I tried groups and solo and have still yet to beat either map. All my char are like 570ish. I'm not a casual player. I used to play DD1 like crazy and owned that. But friends since then have moved on. So finding a group of online people and taken
  2. Etherian Chainsaw Massacre makes no sense to me. Have a higher ipwr level then it but yet still can't beat it. I'm a busy person but try to play when I can and don't have a team to work with. I have my own line of characters to works with solo. But when you throw out a hard map like this and the game hasn't even been out a month for players like me and expect people to beat it? We do have lives you know. Even with a good group who is over the ipwr level its a pain in the ass still. I feel like no matter how much I try and push myself to beat these maps to obtain the title it just won't happen.
  3. How do you post a ticket? All I know is report a bug at the Tavern.
  4. In regards to the pet problem, I experienced something similar. Try backing out and rejoining the tavern. If that doesn't work try playing a bit and see if it changes. I know I had a similar problem with re-rolling stats where they would not visually appear to have changed. I came back later and they were changed. ok, the "Evolve" thing fixed itself. I checked after running a map. But the 40 Bag slot issue I have had since the other day, So i've played and logged out, checked the minimized thing and everything. Still only 16 =/ I really hope a Dev see's this so fix it for me.
  5. First off, I bought DLC that gives me a 40 slot pet bag. I claimed it in my mail and I still do not have it. I paid for something and I should have it. I do not appreciate this Devs... Second, I evolved a pet for the second time and nothing happened. still says 25/25 for the food and exp bar. Only thing that happened was that I wasted materials and no stats on the pet when up. Can you only evolve pets once or is this a bug? Someone please help.
  6. I bought the DLC, claimed my 40 slot pet bag and its still 16... =/
  7. Wasnt long after Easter last year i quit... those damn humungous eggs where impossible to farm.. had to be lucky to get them.. i spent many many hours trying to get them and i ended up with only 5 or 6 off memory... I farmed all 64 Humo eggs, did not buy or trade for any, kinda why I hope they don't come back lol. But if they do come back they need to do it in some other way, something like the coal.
  8. Trendy basically just saying Diamonds are for the people who commit themselves to the game to farm that much for coal.
  9. Oh great, another easter egg hunt in a sense. But anyways, so 88 small coals make the diamond pet or a different size?
  10. Barbarian X-Mas Costume yay!!!!! -_- christmas present delivery again -___- My thoughts exactly, it is my least favorite holiday challenge. I don't mind the V-Day one to much, it's just that map is so laggy.
  11. Looks like im leaving dd they brought something into the game that would have made it easier for newer players to break into nightmare. then they take it out and therefor inflate the already overpriced acc market Well looks like they've broken the economy even more I CAN NOT EVEN AFFORD STUFF NOW The economy in this game has been broken from the beginning and gets worse everyday. It is THE one thing I don't like about this game and it's the one thing Trendy can't control. People are just Greedy and over price everything. I'm glad I never buy anything nor do I sell anything in this game
  12. Ok, I've been getting back into DD these past couple of months and now farming gear again while helping a friend catch up to me. I forget all the numbers for Resistances so if anyone can help me out that would be great. I tried looking at the wiki and searching on the forums but that failed so just thought I'd post for a quicker easier response. What I'm looking for is... What is the base number of resistance(with and without bonus) to get 90% resist for Tran, Sup, and Ult armor. I know Myth is 31, 41 with bonus, I just don't remember the rest. So if anyone can help me out that'd be awe
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