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  1. So I ordered the kickstarter $100 tier because it had a 4-pack that I was going to give out to friends, I thought it was just be codes so they could decide what platform they wanted it on. It's asking me to select the platforms I want to get them on now. I've seen that it's cross platform so I can play on my computer and then when I want to sit on my couch I can play on ps4 and then when I want to go out I can play on my switch. How does that work? If I can go from one to another then it doesn't seem like an account is tied to a device so why am I being asked to choose the platform format? It seems like it's tied to an account and not a download or platform. I don't know what format they will want it on primarily when it comes out. Also is it possible to sign in to multiple accounts on a single switch, we have 1 switch but 3 people in my house might be getting the game as well and was wondering if we could switch accounts at will on a single device depending on who wants to play. Thanks.
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