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    70cv to ToxicOskar's bank
  2. Auction ended, G didnt meet reserve. Contact me on discord (iTzEcztazy#6875) to get the items.
  3. Ignore the multiple post, first time i posted multiple images, nice one forum ;_;
  4. So i have some u++ armor that i dont really use, so im auctioning these. Auction will be up untill 21st of August (23:59 GMT+1), bids on last 6 hours will extend the duration for 12 hours. Reserve of 5cv in A, C, E, F, H, J. Hidden reserve on B, D, G, I. CURRENCY ACCEPTED: -Coal at 8:1 rate (up to 10cv) -Cubes -Diamonds (5/10/15) -Any event where price can be discussed (if it gets to that point lul) C/O: A- D- 5cv G-
  5. 135cv (Sorry for the kinda snipe, totally forgot about the auction)
  6. Hi guys, im looking to auction this boots i got. Auction will end on 21/07/2020 (21st of July) at 23:59 GMT+1), bids on last 12 hours will extend auction by ONE day. I have the right to not sell if im not satisfied with the final offer. Im taking specific armor pieces,cubes, diamonds (5/10/15) and TRACED events only. Bids with at least one event from the list below will be prioritized over raw cv bids. EVENTS ACCEPTED: -Ginger (120cv) -Pointys (100cv) -Celebracers (100cv) -Final Patch (300cv) -Butterscotch (150cv) -Greater Magicite of Wind
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