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  1. what i want: dd1 map overview, it was easy to see what was coming from where and where everything was. Loot system from dd1 but a little more modern. i want strong weapons to have different stats. 1 drops with more damage and the next one might drop with better projectile spread. i love that you have to grind for a certain weapon but dont make it to hard. Make the player grind really hard for the perfect version of the weapon. i liked the fact that you had to choose one character for the whole wave in dd1. You had to make a decision, take a strong dps but if something is damaged it takes really long to repair or take a balanced character that does but decently well, i feel like having 4 characters all the time also hurts team play. In dd1 it was super fun to play with friends and all focus on your character of choice, although that is of course still a thing you could do in dd2 it felt different. I WANT MY TOWERS TO BE INSANE. In dd1 progressing armor was so much fun because you could see improvement. getting extra tower speed made your tower shoot faster. Sometimes a lot faster. it was super fun to grind for laser harpoons and ongoing deadly strikers or huge monk auras. These visible improvements made the game super fun and i missed those a lot in dd2. i didn't feel like i was getting stronger like i was in dd1. dd1 pets, they were a little more fun in my opinion. i want a long story, more maps to go through to get to the end. This way the character progression could be a little smoother as well. The transition from main story to harder maps was sometimes a bit off. dd1 like challenges. less things to be confused about then dd2. i played the game a lot in the beginning but took a break, when i came back i just deleted all my characters because the game was so full of things that the only way for me to get back in was to start over. unlimited characters. in dd1 i could make a new character whenever to start over with a friend without having to delete something i worked on for a while or paying extra. BRING BACK AUTO SELL LIKE DD1 pvp was super fun. in tower wars spawning waves of spiders and djinns on friends and hearing them panic on discord make me so happy. things i disliked : shards in dd2 were a lot of the time completely useless and it wasn't fun to grind a single shard 20 times because all your characters needed these four shards because they were the best. the squire walking forward while hitting in dd2. weird progression in dd2, there were like 5 game modes and after coming back i had no idea what to do or when to do it. inventory management, in dd1. discussion with myself: im not sure if want instanced loot. i kind of liked having to fight for the loot. While i was playing with friends it was a lot of fun to share loot and give a certain armor piece to a friend because they needed it a little more or keeping it from them and selling it to them for other stuff. it made multiplayer more multiplayer. i missed the old characters and the feel a lot in dd2, but because i quit dd2 a while i go im probably missing a lot of good features from dd2. but the thing i want most are the insane towers and way to fast characters. i was so much fun to grind for it .im super confident dda will be super fun and i cant wait for i to come out so i cant play through another campaign with friends and like my ass of every time a goblins runs into my friends and kills them.
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