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  1. I appreciate your critique on how gaming forums operate. You should publish an academic dissertation over this newfound knowledge (:
  2. Where'd you hear this from? Not to be a ball buster but afaik, this is the DD2 we are going to get. Unless Chromatic put out a recent statement stating they plan to release more content to this game, this is the DD2 we are going to keep. Hope you're content with the current state & upheld promises.
  3. High Roller lane simply shouldn't exist. Siege Rollers by themselves are fine but a whole lane of rollers shooting homing missiles across the map is dumb; esp higher onslaught where you're likely to get one-hit by one of the dozens of rockets. The stuck rollers happen frequently with the high roller lane type, regardless of the map. The best we can do is reroll any time that lane appears, but I can empathize with your annoyances when that lane appears as an additional lane for LT :/
  4. Just wait until you find the "Frostfire Remnants Servo" https://imgur.com/a/GeEAli1
  5. the idea of a wall in onslaught is nonsensical, climbing to 999 is the ultimate grind and the top players can feel a sense of completion after reaching that floor. Late game onslaught is a joke, rewards cap out below floor 100 and playing beyond that offers no incentive or advantages. I've continued to climb for the challenge in difficulty to really test the limits of my builds, especially since players were given so much power with the implementation of mods yet no content to counter the increase in power, but that is a different issue. If this really is a grind game, why is there no reward for players who put in the time & effort for climbing high onslaught? (Floor 100+) @Jaws_420 is your idea of this being a grind game to play c7 or floor 85-88 continuously? Once players have accumulated their specific mods/shards for their builds, let them achieve that sense of accomplishment by hitting the end goal of 999. Otherwise, it all feels entirely superfluous.
  6. This game is beyond broken in its current state with little to no communication on fixes that are coming.I’ve invested a lot of time & money into this game since alpha & I would deter any new player from trying dungeon defenders 2. The game is a cauldron of bugs & unplayable lag with no communication regarding fixes. The development team is most likely too focused on Dungeon Defenders Awakened to care or support this game any longer. There are better games out there that don’t leave the player feeling neglected and abandoned. The end game of onslaught is in complete disarray, especially Lost Temple (floor 814 on lost temple https://m.imgur.com/a/QDZp9T9 )The recent hotfixes have been questionable as well & have upset the vast majority of the player base, meanwhile neglecting the myriad of bugs that have been around for months and still leaving onslaught/lost temple in a broken mess. It’s unfortunate to see the dungeon defenders franchise continue to plummet after their success with the first dungeon defenders, I hold an affinity for the tower defense genre & really do hope chromatic games can pull off Dungeon Defenders Awakened. But after seeing how they’re leaving dungeon defenders 2 & the questionable decisions, I’ve pulled my Kickstarter backing for DDA & have begun to lose faith in this franchise. As a beloved fan, I’ll be wishing chromatic games the best of luck & hopeful they’ll be willing to learn from their mistakes
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