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  1. They claim to be "Better" than Sony but it has been 5 days since Sony release their respective Patch and Microsoft got theirs ONE WEEK EARLIER than Sony. That's really just kinda sad on their part, but I do hope to see this patch fairly soon, hopefully with a day or two.
  2. I' always down for some fun! psn YUN-SUENG Ill be on tmrw and this weekend most likely. Just send me an inv and we'll get started! seung* took a few tries but i found it! :D
  3. I guess about another week at least since microsoft wants to take their sweet time with this one.
  4. i bought it for PC around February but my cpu overheats and shuts off frequently, so I'm hoping to get a new one sometime soon
  5. Every single kid on xbox has a mod, it never fails, join a public game 4 kids with mods, get kicked, join another and the same, It's honestly quite sad, I feel as if I'm the only player without modded gear anymore, I just recently got DD for PS3 and have yet to see a mod and it's awesome, only if players didn't boot you for no apparent reason it would be so much better, but from my experiences, PS3 > Xbox for DD.
  6. it was on ps3 not steam and i got rid of it already
  7. I was thinking about buying all 4 parts today but I want to know if anyone will help me complete all four parts because my characters are simply put not capable of completing such tasks ahead, rephrase, my squires towers aren't capable, my Huntress is more than capable of holding her own against anything.
  8. i already beat it but ill still send ya a FR incase you ever wanna do some insane+
  9. I'm a DPS Huntress and that's about it, i don't have good towers, i beat The Throne Room barely but completed Endless Spires without any trouble, game's weird sometimes.
  10. Let's not start a console war please. I'm not trying to, i have DD on both consoles, but i got my ps3 about 5 months after DD came out so all my DLC is on xbox and i was just angered this morning that PS3 got it first again and xbox probably won't get it for like 2 months cause microsoft is taking their damn jolly time with it.
  11. Looks awesome dude, I'd love to be a hunter and slide down some steps as my squire pal slides his mobile moxie on the ground to me and kick some orc ***.
  12. can someone run me through them on insane please! they're the only two i have to beat and my towers are pretty crappy, thanks to whoever does. PSN is Sigite618
  13. https://mail-attachment.googleusercontent.com/attachment/u/0/?ui=2&ik=4446ae2fef&view=att&th=139dffdb0033f284&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&zw&saduie=AG9B_P-cVAlyMjQI8i3SlNvVYyw-&sadet=1348082826041&sads=TFL3ACyqPtlwGMXJa3VUOKMtSf8&sadssc=1
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