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  1. It not really finding the gear to get your stats that high as finding the rock to get your stats that high
  2. It also depends on where you put your points as some defences scale better, and some need a certain stat to work well. Example base enrage isn't that special...but an enrage with 400 tower power in the beta pretty much suicides the dynamite guys and pulls up the parking break on everyone else. Totally different outcomes based on how many points you have in specifically tower power. At the same time it has so much health you don't need much in tower health to use it. On the flip str drain needs tower health and doesn't matter near as much on tower power. So just with those 2 as an example where your stats are makes a diffference on which one is or isn't very effective.
  3. And we are already proving there are differernt working builds in beta. I have been using exclusivly Monk and mage and fully carry beginners through wave25 with no problem. I typically use 1 of 5 combinations depending on enemy traffic and how many du per lane I have. Keep in mind with all 5 of them I use apprentice shields there are no squire shields in any of my current builds on any maps. I have a squire waller but don't use him due to his walls costing 3DU enrage + strength drain + fireball enrage + MM + fireball (no drain due to DU limit) enrage + strength drain + lighting aura + fireball enrage + lighting aura +fireball +MM enrage + strength drain + lighting aura + fireball + MM Also where the above poster has low speed towers here are my tower stats for both my builders I like having speed be fairly fast. mage towers 174/376/247/200 monk auras 147/398/225/203 The reason I posted the stats is because where you put your stats and the ratio has a huge effect on how effective different towers or auras are. If you rearrage all my points I might need a completely different build.
  4. Actually isn't he also going to get the appropiate bonuses from the preorder page as KS is supposed to covernt over and grant them as well. With tier being bases on how much you spent on KS
  5. I have to admit...I like the old interface better
  6. There is a reason for this...there is alot of mana the 1st 3 waves to help people who are doing the campaign. There is less after that as you don't need to have max level 60+ towers everywhere by wave 10 of a starter map on insane. In fact you don't level level 60+ upgrades at all on a starter map on insane as if there were more maps and difficulties noone would even be on these maps on insane over level 60. And even as it is you can max out everything including the level 60+ upgrades by about wave20. Deeper well is stupid crazy on the mana right now. When you do deeper well to wave 25 everyone has 5-10K mana they are holding with nothing at all to spend it on. That is a completley rediculous amout of mana when there are 2 more difficulties and each difficulty up seems to drop more mana than the one before it.
  7. 1) They said the 1 crystal was the early lava map and 2 crystal version was a late lava map so the 2 crystal being harder is expected 2) We don't need more mana...you won't be doing maps 1-4 on insane at level 60+ which is required to even be able to upgrade stuff to the last level. FYI you can already level everything to max on these if activly collect mana. Each difficulty gives more mana rememeber we have 2 more difficulties comming that if they follow the trend will have more mana. 3) The game has never claimed amazing graphics but yes they could use better hero models 4) They clearly have a closed beta team we are not part of.
  8. The enrage aura if you have enough points in it will cause most the kobalds to auto detonate right when they touch it. It will also hold the mobs still while either your eletric aura or fireball towers mow them down. But yes don't throw an enrage out there where you have no damage or the summoner will get bored and cast immortal skelly
  9. Well when you consider they moved on from the version we were testing and giving feedback on before we gave the feedback not sure how useful the info is. They clearly have private testers and are giving us stuff that is months behind.
  10. There are at least 2 gear grades above legendary.
  11. I forgot what title are we supposed to have
  12. Most people I know do 1 run of deeper well on hard then run the campaign on insane
  13. So their soution is black list the person then reset the instance to get them out and risk going on the other 2 peoples list for restting it on them? That's not really a full solution.
  14. Would be funny to set a max ipower so those with clearly hacked gear couldn't join. But ipower and ability to clear stuff are only loosly related.
  15. Yep the survery is only inaccurate if people choose choices that they should not have.
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