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  1. This would probably work for the origional DD1 players that liked to group like me. But most people I talk to in beta want to solo all the time and never group with anyone. I have found a few people in beta that like to group and friended but they seem to be rare. You can get told off in discord for even suggesting its a multiplayer game...they often freak out and swear its a single player game that allows grouping. I have no idea when this change happened but I would like to get back to group and a larger group or pvp would definately be welcome.
  2. Think it out. If something is a bonus and therefore free, do you really have the right to complain about its quality while justifying said complaints with a reminder that you paid for the game? You try thinking about it...if you toss out nightmare (beta) you have now bought a game where you dont even need to wear armor because nothing can even challenge a max level character without their armor on.
  3. Glitterhelm's not required, . Yes it is required and that is your problem. Also you just have to get them all done with nightmare HC checked.
  4. Diablo3 has implemented a cash AH...and its why just about everyone I know who was looking forward to diablo 3 are now refusing to buy it when it comes out...cash AH is just $50 a month hidden service fee. No thanks. Free games with cash micro transactions almost always end up costing more money than the ones that actually charge a monthly fee. No thanks.
  5. are you sure you dont have a mix of mythic and godly on? must be all 4 of one or the other
  6. I thought they had done #1... they admitted that Nightmare is in Pre-Release and is still being balanced, constantly. It's sort of like we're the beta testers for the mode. ;p Least that's what I saw them say somewhere. Also, numbers aren't falling that quickly. ;p The #s aren't falling because there is no sub to cancel so they are still counting everyone who ever played...and they only admit that nightmare is beta...not that there is no released content for a max level player...they keep trying to have it both ways...insane too easy play nightmare...don't like nightmare changes don't worry i
  7. Not sure if trendy is doing this on purpose to sub for content or if they just have no beta testers in their beta group...but these huge changes and partial unchanges and rechanges every day have to stop. Many games have died off for having a flavor of the month...you are creating a flavor of the day and people are dropping like flys. Used to have about 50 people online in my group at all times. Most have I seen on at once in the last week is 4... And just about everyone I talk to in game is sick of your changes every day and thinking of quitting because of them. Just to be clear this
  8. Dmg is x15 from prepatch nm pet dmg. Not x15 non-nm dmg. U know? And that is exactly what the math shows U know... IE it was /6 before so now its x15/6...
  9. Should be mythical are x15 /6 or multiply by 2.5 when its all said and done. Just checked with deeper wells dummy seems to be more like 2.4x but that's close to the 2.5x I was expecting
  10. So if a griffen does 800K in the tavern and gets a 15x boost in nightmare that is what...about the same eq dps of a hero who does 12million in the taven? And its only 164^ so far...just think when its capped out PS> That is with call to arms active
  11. 2 MM towers and no wyvern should ever get anywhere near a crystal. You can also angle the 2nd so it will dps ogers when they come. So 1 dedicated MM and 1 part time MM
  12. Am I the only one who feels this will make Assault ridiculously easy? :D Being even slower will not make it easier
  13. Also a side note is you only need 3 sets of gear for all 4 classes. You need a tower set for your monk, a seperate tower or hybrid set for your mage, and 1 hero dps set that can be shared by your dps toons. Just move it to whatever character you want to play dps on.
  14. not sure if that is going to work but i'll give it a shot If it doesnt work loot everything else in your tavern unlock your tavern and relog they should be gone
  15. go to private game unlock tavern then loot it and vendor then relock your tavern
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