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  1. Hello just want ask about our pledge reward if it get removed... bcs i cant no more turn it on in the VIP room in cake
  2. Well patch happen... but still not fixed my issue with gold tavern... that i need all the time i get back turn on... or hf in the normal one... and the tutorial still dont pop up ... so i cant finish that trophy :( and still 0 response :/
  3. Well is there any lock to gold tavern? well whats the point of have it... when u need all the time go up to secret room touch it... and then have it... unless u go to map... and come back... aaand repeat... and also i find trophy for completing tutorial... so how i can start tutorial when i skip it?
  4. You can go with friends to Legacy... but this ´´server will be supported later with mods.. so nothing good too play... bettr for fun.0 announce about this they just make it like in DD1 and force u to go from 0
  5. That post is intresting... yea i dont mind grind too... i didnt ger bored... but just uhh.. feel rly bad for all the one who dont play other games,dont go to work, and other stuff
  6. Yep.. they should informate us... like hey.. dont grind that much... there will be split on servers and you will get to the bad one... :D
  7. Yea for this i ask about the feel... no one want that... all grind to be good... not to be moved on mod server... when later will be XP famrs,moded gear and others...
  8. Well hi there. Lets talk about the new ´´reset´´ how u feel about it? that we waste ur time.. to be moved on later supported mod server then the original one? i feel scammed... i grind so hard last 3 days... to get another reset... that force me to go from 0... at least i know about the first one... so i dont play that much... but this? Play This is the preferred way to experience Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. With this 1.0 Launch, everyone starts off fresh on an even playing ground. If you want to start up fresh with friends, current and yet to be made, go here! LegacyThis is where older profiles and experiences go. For the Dungeon Defenders: Awakened 1.0, this is where Early Access profiles go. You can continue off where you were in EA with all the gear and levels you previously had. This area is where we will be supporting mods in the future.
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