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  1. Started completely fresh on the new and final update that came out for it about a week ago, so nope, sure wasn't. Also, bit of a weird comparison since I had 250 hours in DDA prior to this as well so not really sure why you'd pick another game to compare it to but alright.
  2. This thread has to be a joke right? Is this your first early access? Did you forget that a pandemic is still in our midst? Did you forget that you are a user, not a shareholder or a sponsor or something of a higher regard that gets a bigger say in decisions like release dates? Chill, the rest of the content is coming and has even been mentioned today on these very forums.
  3. Hi Senior, Are you looking at the loot filter in the inventory screen or in the escape > setting screen. The one in your inventory will just filter the loot that you see while the one in the options is the one you want to adjust for auto looting items.
  4. You aren't entitled to any compensation. It's sad to see that so many people feel so entitled to things these days. Understand that things happen and that you don't have the knowledge and capacity to understand the decisions that were made and that it was the best case scenario and continue to play and have fun, or don't. Your pick.
  5. Cya Miikaaeeel, your attitude won't be missed.
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