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  1. When you complete the challenge on easy-hard you get a huntress weapon that shoots poison balls, the very some ones that come from ogres, and it can have multiple projectiles. When you do it on insane you get a staff that's VERY strong but it lags the game due to the cosmetic effects added to staff's projectiles. You should get the huntress weapon. The staff isn't really worth it. The reward for completing Moraggo on insane as an apprentice is better. Alright I mainly use my huntress for DPS so does tthat weapon have 99^?
  2. This is what was included in the patch: http://forums.trendyent.com/showthread.php?45416-Console-Patch-Notes-%28Release-Dates-Here!%29-and-Console-DLC-Q-amp-A The DLC weapons can get over 100+ upgrades but there isn't a database for those yet(you get a donkey for reaching wave 15 on survival on Morrago) 360 is behind PS3 on patches now so make sure that people know you are on 360(your signature seems to imply that though). Hackers are still all over the place if that affects you. That's the gist of it, if you want to know what the patch contained then follow that link. Oh and the Tower attack rate and Pet attack rate aren't actually fixed. Thank you for your response do you know how to get some of these new weapons?
  3. This is actually the first time ive been on the game in a long time so i decided to buy new DLC. First qustion can someone link me a thing to where it shows the new pets and weapons. Also what else was included in the DLC and Update? Please let me know thanks.
  4. Also if you click inside the DU cost of an item in the map builder you can change the DU cost of the tower rather than the map DU. (For future guides) Did you finish survival with this build? No like I said its an okay guide and it's made around me
  5. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=6070 I found this setup to be very effective and minimal repairing was required. I did use a DPS huntress and piercing shot when things got hairy. Mainly when kabolds and necromancers started damaging the SNDs too much. Looks like an okay setup.
  6. GT:ArcticQuade Console:Xbox 360 View Picture Setup: http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=6064 DU: 60/60 On console I had to change it on the picture to make it fit. Please give me comments tips and suggestions. I want to Start of by saying this is not the best set up for this map, It is my set up. Also i'm not the best guide maker, Still new at this. Notes: You will still have to repair stuff, this isn't a perfect build. I have so far tested this on Medium and it worked great but I did have to do repairs. Its more helpful that when the :ogre: Comes you dps it so it cant get to close :) Char Info: :apprentice:Mage: My Mage is tower build but it dont have to best gear to support that, so someone with better gear it will work better. :monk:Monk: My monk is only 45 when tested, he is aura build tho so once again better stats/Gear this will work better. :squire:Squire: My squire is tower build and built pretty well around tower HP and it did okay for me. :huntress:Huntress: (Optional) Used for dps. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=6064 Jobs of Towers: Harpoon Turrets:The job of these are to hit the incoming units in the line of fire. Slice N' Dices: The job of these is to hold but the multiply incoming units from the bottom while also killing them. Snare Auras: Slow down units that make it to close. Magic Blockades: Hold back units coming from the top.
  7. Granted, but its rancid. I wish that the next poster would not corrupt this wish or any other detail or details about any aspect(s) of the multi-verse, real or fictional, physical or virtual, in any way small to large and in between. Wis-s- 10101001010 Failed *Robotic Voice* Sorry but our genie cannot grant that wish. I wish for more wishes
  8. I agree to remove it but I want them to keep: Awards that you get at end of round(shows in the kill counter spot after kills go away) The mana you get from the items on the ground being sold ( Same as other)
  9. granted but squires now have 1 hp cap i wish swtor could get even more awesome Granted but you became less awesome. I wish for bacon :D
  10. Granted, but instead of Cookies I've actually granted Jasong2004's wish from before yours. I wish more forum users would talk about greatest team in all of sports the Green Bay ******s :D Wish granted but then Green Bay was no longer a team. I wish that I was in a Final Fantasy game :O
  11. Does anybody know if Trendy is going to increase the level cap? I just wanna know cause i managed to get the new dlc early. And i was wondering if i could get any 'mythical' armor. I think they are planning to increase it to 74. I'm not 100% sure tho, but I think I saw something on the forums of it.
  12. This is a really nice guide I enjoyed watching and will prob give it a try later.
  13. Yesterday I completed all my achievements that was required for the Legendary Defender. Apparently there was a bug and I wasn't able to receive my last achievement. * Fixed issue where Legendary Defender Achievement was requiring the new Achievements, is not supposed to. After looking through the patch notes and updating DD, I still didn't get my last achievement. How can I get this last achievement? Do I have to clear the DLC's achievement to get the Legendary Achievement? My current achievements are all the old ones, I'm only left with the DLC's achievement and the Legendary Achievement. Any idea how can I unlock that achievement? I would say double check everything. If that does not work go into a mission and complete it to see if that triggers anything, if your still have problems after that contact someone.
  14. Granted your projectiles are now silly string and it causes the monsters to smile I wish Ossa's posts didn't exist. Wish Granted :D I wish for more cookies
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