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  1. yeah i can see it being misinterpreted.
  2. well it kinda does tell you. in the screen where you chose your hero it says "xp is earned equally by all heroes in the hero deck" :D but glade i could help.
  3. the end-reward xp gets split between all of the heroes. so lets say you have 6 active heroes in your deck. 24,19/6= bit more then 4 million xp per character. dont know if it still works but nm hardcore the summit campainge was good xp to level.
  4. Hiho Defenders. Does anybody know how to get that "big" trophy? i assume its like "have all achievements in the game" kinda think but i havnt found anything about it. can somebody help?
  5. nice, thx for posting my original topic for the beta-maps :D
  6. in steam are alot of good guides. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2023856768
  7. i think thats not the point he....she....tmyth tried to make i think he just tired to say "just because somebody does millions of dmg doesnt mean he hacks/cheats" yes there are some how cheat to beat the game then there are others....after i hit 91 in beta i tried to figure out how power/range/rate scales (linear or non-linear etc)i used cheat engine since it was the easiest way to look at higher stats (not to beat the game since i have beaten it at that point and had more or less good gear, also all "legacy"characters have been deleted by me since i dont want any rewards from that thats also
  8. i have no endgame gear i would save "lower" massacer gear. and this is what my dst looks in nightmare. to clarify. 2300 power 2000 range, 1900 rate. and my highest upgradable item is 207.
  9. true, i had alot of fun....have a lot of fun... i remembered the good time i had in dd1 and thats why i instantly, more or less, backed it on kickstarter....now i just play the waiting game for massacre survival...."hint hint bring it out already ;P"
  10. ok i know its nightmare and not massacre but do you think i should farming lab massacre hc for 250 upgrade items before i should move on? i got till ramparts but its breaking me ;P
  11. i wonder.....do you have any good massacre items? i kinda wanna know what they look like.
  12. it wouldnt be that "bad" to level up again if they had: -given us some kind of xp/gold boost, like 50% increased xp and gold........ but noooooooooo......
  13. fuck yeah steam is downloading, have fun guys and girls....and....just to be save whatever you identify as.
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