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  1. A sword, holding a sword, holding a sword, holding a sword, holding a sword, holding a sword, holding a sword, holding a sword, holding a sword... :')
  2. I just saw on the Nintendo Shop that there will be 15 maps on Awakened. Does anyone know how many maps there was on DD1 and what map do you think they kept?
  3. Can we have boss fights like we had in DD1..? In DD2 they are so bad..
  4. When the word Djins make me think about Morrago instead of Aladin xd
  5. Give me one good reason to have unlimited characters? I would rather have a limit of 10 so I need to make a choice and choose between this or that. Making the game so you could have all the characters up in every way, would just make it bad and kill the multiplayer gameplay..
  6. Maybe different type of Monk Auras ? Exemple : [Active mod: Monk Bubbles damage/affect the ennemies for 40dmg/sec when they are in the affected area] [Passive mod: When ennemies goes in auras they get electrified for 10sec and they are getting slower] Those are just exemples but if we take it further with every characters, you could have a harpoon shooting one big arrow doing 100dmg or 3 little one doing 25dmg each. And I really think those choice should be make only when you are creating your character, otherwise it will be too much..
  7. I just want the good old Dungeon Defenders.. I want it to feel like I'm back when I was 14 yo and having fun farming Morrago for this awesome stats on my sword.. Don't put all of those ascension and mods, maybe a prestige or evolution systeme?
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