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  1. fixed, still wish that Hard was unlocked by default tho on all maps.
  2. I've done everything solo but it doesn't mean I consider those timers fair if someone wants to solo content. And swaps aren't instant even with F1-F4, coz of swap animation.
  3. It's possible to place barricades and something to protect crystals from wyverns, and that's all, still... the amount of time given is way too small and each character swap is 3-4sec wasted. All maps need some adjustment for timers, coz many people prefer to play Solo, but they're punished hard for that, which isn't nice.
  4. It's there but bugged, like everything else. Dont click with mouse on "Sort by", use "W" for that instead, you'll hit hidden options.
  5. Yup there should be already a party window with player HP/Mana/Name but we dont even have a working in-game chat or item trade... 1.0...
  6. Every single thing about this UI is bad, not just hero swap. Selling items, locking items, sorting them, stats not updating etc. But overall hero decks shouldn't exist. There should be a bar with something lke 10 slots, you press button, it pops you pick hero and play. You should also be able to swap heros while in inventory with arrows or something no swapping them with deck to do some inventory changes.
  7. Ye, I feel you, going through Insane with this on some maps like Glitterhelm Caverns... ugh
  8. fixed that, just went into Pure strategy for better gear, normal campaign isn't the best
  9. You still need to go through Medium on every map to unlock it's higher difficulty. I wish Hard would be unlocked and available from the start coz all maps on Medium difficulty are insane waste of time where everything dies super fast and there are literally no drops worth picking. Through all medium difficulty maps I've dropped only few green items...
  10. - fix the weapon types... who marked "Morning Star"(mace) or "Bo Staff"(staff) as polearm... Polearm can be a spear, halberd, poleaxe, glaive... - after pressing E to check tower range/stats let range persist for ~5sec, if tower has long range and it goes downwards the wall or something it'll dissapear before player can check it properly - lack of Quick Sell shortcut for single item, like Shift + LMB - can't sort items by Item PWR
  11. - add small icons(in addition to existing filter ofc) in corners for set items to easily tell which set is it coz sadly visuals for them are quite similar. Like for Guard set add small shield icon, for Miner's set pickaxe icon etc - make server type(Public/Friends) stay the way player picked it with 1st run instead of switching it to "Friends" every time player goes back to Tavern - cursor dissapears while trying to upgrade sometimes
  12. - lack of description for Bonuses and Multipliers when hovering in Summary screen - remove canceling tower placement when it's offscreen(stage where you pressed LMB and trying to rotate it properly but if you go too like 5m away from it it's being canceled) - why there is no "Solo" mode so players can pause game anytime they want? - attributes on gear are a mess, hard to read, mixed, make proper columns left for hero stats and right for defense stats - v1.0 and there's still no live update for Stats - no number update for collecting whole set on items hero is wearing,
  13. Yeah I know, sadly... This is really dumb mechanic, even in DD1, and it could be ok if you could reposition defenses after they've messed them up. Otherwise it's just annoying.
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