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  1. One thing you might try is to take a look at their gear score when they join, and then when you create a game set the minimum score to join at a higher level than theirs. You also might create a second account and play with both in split screen which will block a 3 player group from joining you. Make friends and invite them to farm with you. Start private games and run solo or only invite friends. Change your region if they're not trolling multiple regions. Just playing devils advocate here, but also consider what you are doing. If they're just kicking people before the last round every time, obviously they're trolling. If on the other hand, you are running around for the full duration of the timer after each wave is complete and it's just Expeditions, you are likely getting kicked because people are tired of waiting on you... no one wants to wait an extra couple of minutes each map for content they need to do 100's of times for mats.
  2. Yep. Been this way for around an hour. Blehhh.
  3. I've been getting skunked running it in a duo so far, no C8 weapons or shards yet. Just crummy RNG I assume. The lady orcs are the only thing that have been a pain, until I started stacking obscene amounts of damage on their lanes I kept having one randomly get through.
  4. Hero DMG/nuke monk. Once we locked down in wave 3, I tried pet nuke, mele, ability, ranged fire but nothing registered. I tried under him, jumping into him, flying through the air, etc. No dmg registered, from pet to procs. Had an Obelisk up but not sure if it targetted him or not. Group that joined up next attempt and I all used ranged attacks and didn't see the issue that go round.
  5. I saw the same thing, ran a prime 1 with 43players and got about what you would expect from C7 sans any mods, then ran a prime 2 solo and got mostly grey junk. Will test more later. Update: 4 player game, huntress bow with a so so mod, but C8 fully upgraded dropped for me. Update 2: Got a C8 sword, max upgraded, one mediocre mod on it. Tried the demon map solo. Demon bugged on wave 3 and was unkillable. Stupid waste of time. Edit 3: Didn't bug out this time, got Explosive Shielding guard hypershard.
  6. I'm only 3 Hyper Shards in but I have not run into any Mastery specific bugs yet on Xbox. I don't really like it all that much, I'm slogging through it slowly, a few maps here or there when I'm not working on anything else in particular. It was fun for a few dozen maps just as something unique, but with barely anything dropping loop wise it feels like a huge waste of time other than the eventual hyper shards. Mass Destruction is definitely worth it, and currently I do plan to get Destructive Pylon, but I may well burn out before then... I think they should have put the shards for defenses as the first 4, and then the player shards after... at least that way you don't have to do an obscene an amount of maps you don't enjoy to get the shards. It's not really much of a challenge, it's just a time sink. As long as you have a lot of options defense wise you can beat all the maps without much trouble. On console the 30 second build time restrictions are a huge pain; unless there's something I'm missing I'm going to have to try and get some help for those just because the build times are longer on console due to the controls, but communicating that and organizing it won't be the easiest thing in the world.
  7. I almost always do progression solo, and farming with as many people as I can get. If you can find someone who is properly geared it can help with progression, but otherwise I start a private game for my attempts. The big exception might be Mastery on console, where it can be nearly impossible to complete some of the 30 second build phase maps solo.
  8. The Drakenlord himself, other than being a bit buggy at times, is super easy to deal with. Throw Burning Strikes on your weapon and shoot him from range... He's a non-issue unless he bugs out and refuses to catch fire. The dragon can be friggin' annoying though. In C7, it's "just" a matter of getting a relic with 10/10 Tenacity and a C8 amp, throwing that on your favorite trash clearing defense, and then watching the boss lane. In Onslaught however, it just adds to the time sink because you'll run into that situation where you're running across the map to light a torch, get jumped by an assassin, and get to watch as a mob ambles over and smashes the objective with one hit. It's not that you won't get past it, it's just not fun, and adds even more time to an already long map. I'd be fine with the map if it wasn't in the Onslaught rotation. With 4 people, even with no Tenacity it's not bad, but you're almost never going to be pushing high Onslaught in a group.
  9. On a map with 2 boss lanes that is giving you trouble, use slows/stuns on one lane to buy time, then focus on the other lane... EV2 weapon mans, proton beams, apprentices earthshatter tower with earth toss for some of them, petrify combos, anything to delay that lane while you deal with the other. In general, Mastery isn't something you have to rush to do. It's nice to have the hyper shards, but I would get Chaos 7 on farm, progress through Onslaught for a bit, then take a break and work on Mastery once you have more defense options and more experience. It's mostly just about having a lot of options, and playing for a while will give you the gear and hero's to have them. I wouldn't worry about Mastery until you have 10 different defenses and enough defenses to beat maps with only towers, only nodes, or only aura's. When you can do that, about half the Mastery maps are just going to be a matter of having the right options and you can beat them. Then there's the 30 second build time maps which god help you if you're a solo console player, but otherwise should be doable, and after that you can worry about grinding out the problem maps for you.
  10. 1. Do the highest level content you can. 2. Pick a character you don't actively play, and auto equip gear to that character after each map. 3. The gear itself doesn't matter, just the gear score. As the gear score on that character rises, the gear score on drops will get better. 4. If you can't progress solo, join other players games, give them your DU, and watch what they do/build to get ideas. As far as being an Apprentice, it's fine to mainly play one character, but you will want others as builders to give you various options in towers / nodes / auras you can use. Different defense solve different problems, and you will want at least the free characters and probably EV2 eventually to progress through the game. Make sure to do some research and put the right shards on your relics for the towers you build, as that will help a lot. At your level options will be limited a bit, but you follow the above you will be able to get into Chaos 4 fairly easily and then farm up the 3 best shards for a lot of the towers... Defense Rate, Destruction, Deadly Strikes (attack speed, damage, range - basically).
  11. For the first reset you want to push as high as you can to get the highest minimum ascension level you can . After that just doing the minimum is probably the best bet, unless it is your last AP reset and you are trying to raise you max accession level before gearing back up.
  12. I like farming Plunderer's Paradise for it, it's a little easier to build out than your other option. I'll usually just spawn camp all the lanes with FA's and then some LSA's as backup for lady orcs/bosses. There's a fair number of pirate mods so it can sometimes take a bit to get a decent 'Infection, but it's not a bad map for general farming anyway, and people seem to like joining it giving you the extra drops.
  13. Nothing like the "fun" of clicking/hitting A and then carefully taking your finger off the button in case you actually finally get the dang 10/10 to avoid rolling it off again... 288 times... Maybe they should just remove the ability to to downgrade a mod...
  14. Power-leveling someone in exchange for in game items or gold will not cause you any issues whatsoever. In basically any game on the platform it's completely fine; the only time you will run into issues is if you are selling something in game for real money. Powerlevel away.
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