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  1. I would hope so as well, but I wouldn't really plan on it; most games you're buying a license for a specific platform. Destiny 2 for example has cross play but the Season Pass/DLC/etc. isn't linked to your Bungie account. I don't really mind buying a copy of the game per platform since there is a cost to port it and whatnot, but I almost never buy a 2nd copy of DLC after that unless it's late in the lifecycle and their is a cheap complete edition. It'd be great if DLC was account based, since if so I could see picking up a Switch to play on when I'm flying or sitting in bed or on the porch and the laptop is cumbersome, then playing on the Xbox in the living room, and occasionally firing it up in the home office on PC. If I had to buy 3 copies of the DLC I'd be more likely to try random games off game pass or STEAM sales and potentially drift away from the game.
  2. They are immune to slow, but stun works fine unless they are in a headstrong lane (Weapon Manufacturer generally). In a headsteong lane you can use Earthshatters for knockup to help with them. Other than that, lots of damage and keep an eye on the minimap. I have anti mele, anti orc in my FA's which does a ton of damage to them. In a really bad lane, you're just going to have to babysit it, but generally you can deal with them.
  3. Thanks, I will give enrage a shot. I made it to wave 14 using blockades and all points into defense health for the squire, so maybe that'll get another wave or two.
  4. Any tips on dealing with the kamikaze kobalds on this wave? Everything up to it is no big deal, but then my barriers and towers get blown up followed by my core every time so far. I'm not sure if I'm just missing the boat on my builds, or maybe I just need more levels. On hard the barriers stop them no prob, but on insane they seem to one shit them. Currently 28 with mostly purples and an epic on a couple characters, playing the first survival map.
  5. I feel it needs to be tuned up a bit, it's a pain having to repair a bunch of traps every wave on survival once the mob count goes up a bit. Just a quality of life improvement.
  6. The only way to avoid this is to incentivize active play and not require grinding for huge numbers of materials. I dislike it in DD2, but my choice was either farm pristine shards at slug speed, or move up to farming at "agressive snail after a couple of cups of coffee" speed... it was one of the reasons I chose console for DD2 in fact, although it's not that much of a challenge to do on PC... I felt like I was wasting time solo farming for them. I briefly considered going up to 4 accounts it is such a bore. I've multi boxed other games purely for fun, WoW for example, or to simply have a pre built farming group and an interesting challenge in games like Everquest, but I'd rather it be a novelty, not something that's mainstream because it cuts a boring, repetative grind in half or more. I'd rather have to focus on one character at a harder difficulty than run a group and have to deal with a gaggle of controllers or figuring a bunch of split screen or multi monitor, multi pc, etc challenges.
  7. I'm still looking for a good set of settings myself, I'm running i5-3750K, 16gb DDR3 1600, higher end SSD, and a RTX 2060 6gb. Big groups of mobs will sometimes drop my framerate into the teens, I keep turning things down but it hasn't made a difference so far. It's likely just a lack of optimization in the beta, most other games I'm running at 1080p with high to ultra settings and with a few tweeks in those I can stay at very high framerates for ny G-Sync monitor. Update: So my manual tweaks didn't work all that well, but just taking evrything down to high and then turning a few of the effects down to med did the trick. I seem to be capped at 60fps no matter when, unrelated to vsync. I wonder if there are some FX that aren't really visible that are still getting processed, or just aren't optimized, at the Epic setting. Visually I'm not seeing much of a difference, just better FPS. I was feeling some eye strain before, we'll see if this helps. Hopefully we can get into the 100's in framerate with futire updates which should help.
  8. AAA titles pushing the graphical limits of the platform don't even do that, so why in tarnation would a small developer putting out a niche title ever think about cutting their potential market down by a huge number? Also, consider the game is being developed for the PC market, so the ability to adjust graphical settings is already native to it... hopefully the game is X Enhanced for thise of us who have one, but there is no way it will be X only.
  9. You'd think 1-3 would be common sense. But uh 4? If people need an instruction manual on how to deal with you they're probably not the only problem... and I'm not sure what a golf game or FPS has to do with DD but okayyy, good for you?
  10. In my opinion, the first time you reset, you need to get to as high an Onslaught floor as you can get to. That way your min ascension level, which will never change, is as high as possible, making the climb back up to the minimum floor you need to reset again much easier. After that first high-as-you-can reset, then just reset every time you can for the point. That's what I'm doing now, I'm not that far along, but my last reset was at floor 60. Next should be a couple floors higher, on up to floor 80ish as the min at which point I should have all the AP abilities if I did the math correctly. (Or DDA comes out and I switch to that, LOL).
  11. I like using all HP armor, HP/attack weapons, robust mods on all my armor, and having ice chip on my offhand with water on my main. With that framework, you have a ton of crowd control, and you can add your prefered damage mods to spice it up. Juicebags has a good version, Frostshock he calls it in the vid, which uses Turn the Tides and Boiling Blood to great effect. With it you do take constant damage so its only for tougher lanes where mobs live for you to hit and gain back health, so it's very active play wise. You can skip that for less damage but more ability to wander or zone out.
  12. My only request is make it worth farming. It's a fun, nice looking map that I don't mind seeing occasionally when a new player asks for help on it, and would like to play more. Put a normal amount of motes, gold, amps, exp, and drops in it, make the drop from the dragon a random C8 weapon from any of the other Primes, and you're good to go. Just making the drops equivalent to C7 Draken plus a weapon and occasionaly a C8 amp should do that. Otherwise it will be like the rest of rhe incursions, farmed for a few weeks, then forgotton other than occasional once through for the hyper shard.
  13. Until you hit c7, focus primarily on gear level. Once you get into C7, when you find gear that fits the build you want to use on the character you want to mainly actively play VS build with, upgrade that gear to max level C7. Put some good mods on it and shards in it, as you aquire them, but don't obsess over thr charecter all that much for now... having the right mods and shards on relics are most of what allow you to progress. Use whatever works to get to C7, as far as relics, shards and defenses... nothing you encounter in C1-7 will require anything all the amazing gear wize, and there isn't much point to farming pre c7 more than you have to since all the best gear drops in c7 and Onslaught. Make sure to get groups to do each of the new prime incursions once, when you can, to get those shards, farm C7 a lot, and start working your way through Onslaught which is where the real challenege atarts. C7 is just about farming, ince you get over the curve and can. Onslaught, once you get deeper into it, is abiut having the right defenses and knowing how to deal with tough lanes, and that's when you will start to want to really get things dialed in. You don't need to spend much money on the game, but if you like it max out your bags and get some extra bank slots if you have reaources left over... space is a huge boon. Characters you can earn in game slowly over time, and you don't need anything but the free ones for farming C7 and can even go quite far in Onslaught with them. EV2 is super useful, and as close to mandatory as you can get later on, but everything else you can do just fine with your starting 4... I have them all and use the starting 4 and EV2 by far the most.
  14. Just depends on what you need really. Other than Volcano for fun, I just use Fissure, for frost lanes. Nothing special there, DR, Destruction, Deadly Strikes for shards, along with DR, anti orc, anti mele work well for me. (Stacking all the DR is so frosties slow it down to normal attack speed instead of to a crawl. Anti frost is another option, but anti mele and anti orc make it a bit more flexible.
  15. I wouldn't tear up a good WM relic to do it, but for fun throw earth on one, and then poison on another defense... Poison Dart Tower will work naturally, or use a poison mod on Proton Beams for extra CC and poison. Earth + poison = chance to petrify, so you could Earthshatter towers + PDT's, poison Protons with Reflect Beam and the right shards to apllify its explosion which is naturally earth damage, even the dryads poison attacks are an option.
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