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  1. I'm the kind of player that will purposely lower stats just to test the limits of a build. I don't mind having to actively repair and upgrade. I just don't like using DPS characters because they can bolster non-optimal defences.
  2. I'm really hoping that Massacre will be doable without any DPS characters. I've always played this game strictly as a tower defence game first since I find enjoyment in creating and testing builds. Massacre as it is now requires one to run either a DPS character or Squire + Dragon which is completely antithesis to the whole tower defence concept. I don't mind DPS being an option, but I hate the idea of it being required. I never needed to run DPS characters in the Dungeon Defenders 1 for any of the content excluding maybe bosses, and even then it was possible to do so without one.
  3. I saw some people post log entries from the DDS.log that state what mob damaged the core ex. LogTemp: Core was damaged by: BP_Enemy_Orc_T5_C_3702efyou T5_C_3702! However, searching the log does not show me anything when I search for "damage." This has been the case for three of my friends as well. Is there some kind of setting I'm missing or a different log location than \AppData\Local\DDS\Saved\Logs\DDS.log ? It's really frustrating to lose with no idea how to reprimand the situation. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
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