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  1. Anyway, my steam game time is 600+ but I feel like there is nothing left for me to play They need to give some end-game goal for players Making a new game mode like mastery would be nice but it will take them too much time Giving mods rewards is much easier and reasonable
  2. It makes me wonder wt floor are you at now I am almost 300 and my ascension lv is 3105 I can tell you the only thing I need to do to climb floor 900 is to farm "Unholy Catacombs" hours and hours (somehow they think c8 ampoule is the problem but not Prisine Citrine Cluster) If you think dat will makes the game more fun, I got nth to say And I can't understand your 256% vs 60% logic. Anyway, if 60% is op they can just change it to 40%, w/e The main point is there are no goal for players to play onsluaght, and dat is a serious problem Adding weapon skin is not the way to fix it
  3. Besides headstrong frosty lane is just a bad idea, you can only counter them with really high dps And there is no difference between me or a 5 year old against them
  4. Of coz I didn't mean to make a new player op But if a guy can climb 900floor, just let him get a op mod and show off, why not? And I don't think hyper mods will be op, it just make climbing onslaught slightly easier I am currently on floor 280, and i believe there are only 4 players 945+
  5. Haha sry about dat I think putting strong mods rewards in onslaught is a nice end game goal And anti-frost+orc in floor 100 would be necessary cause headstrong frost lane is just a bad design dat you can only kill them by high dps btw, only 1-3 c8 shards are good-looking to me
  6. For my advice, you guys should put hyper mods for rewards Like anti-frost+orcs mod Sounds too op? Why you guys afraid players being too "op" in a non-competitive game? (Like ruining wmfr?) Onslaught is already a end-game stuff, just chill and let the players enjoy the game, especially you guys already focusing on DDA Maybe every 100 floors would be nice, 150 seems hard unless you put a really strong mod reward in floor 100 Hope you guys still have interest to update dd2
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