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  1. Really the only map I was having trouble with was temple wave 4/5 and that's because I didn't have any good anti air defenses and there were so many mobs that it was lagging either my computer or internet. It wasn't really fun at that point so I reset. Difficulty doesn't scale that fast otherwise people at floor 800+ would never get there.
  2. I reset at floor 165 and had 1800 minimum ascension which is 700 more than I had when I reset.
  3. I'm guessing you don't know reflect beam does aoe damage? And that there is a shard that makes it do earth damage so adding a poison mod would make it a self-petrifying tower?
  4. Someone suggested this to me in game and I thought it was a good idea.
  5. poison works on my proton beams. the only EV defense elemental mods didn't work on was reflect beam.
  6. This is the main reason I stopped around floor 160 instead of my planned 300+. That and game crashing on temple map wave reload. Next time I only plan on pushing floors if I can easily AFK them, which is sad. I am one of the people who love that map too, if not for the lag.
  7. I don't understand why floors or, with a few exceptions, ascension points are capped at all. I wish the system was set up to reward infinite grinding on a logarithmic scale.
  8. My favorite thing is just proton with frosty beams. For whatever reason they always instantly freeze right when you walk on the beam. It's probably a bug but oh well.
  9. I bet you would have loved the game back when there were 3 maps per floor and failing the last wave of the 3rd floor because a lady orc vaulted over your barricade would make you do all 3 maps over again.
  10. I guess what I'm actually saying is I think using vicious strikes (my favorite shard in the game) in reflect beam is kind of lame, especially when there is a new shard specifically designed to increase its range. I don't know maybe the new shard makes the range "good enough". I just heard it wasn't max. You can max out reflect beam's range with only 2 upgrades on vicious strikes, and there are several defenses in the game that can already be max ranged without that shard. Alternatively I'd also like to see removal of range limits in the game entirely. Sure it would probably break thin
  11. the only thing I use my wm for nowadays is controlled burn, so there's poison on mine.
  12. Maybe only when gilded. I'd like to be able to use my range hypershard in something else other than reflect beam.
  13. I'm not talking about reworks of any mechanics, just things that could presumably be fixed easily by changing some variable and making them more effective. Can we fill this thread with the multitude of shards/mods/defenses in the game that are unarguably, as Juicebags would put it, "poo"?
  14. I like boost auras already but I agree. After seeing some thread where someone was ironically collecting drain auras because they were so bad I checked to see if we could add elements to them and was disappointed to see we could not.
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