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  1. I received a letter from chromatic about the fix of this issue this Wednesday..Since i couldn't play in that day i wait to play yesterday and there it was all the shards losted. In relation for the prime i think than the game could had just changed the layout and removed the prime and replaced with chaos 8 tag and i just didn't notice.I didn't had enough time to test so when i enter again i my ask for another player to confirm some of my concerns. I missing just the juggernaut shard which wasn't available when i played the primes with the release schedule but i dont know what i have
  2. Still is the same for me, passed one week since i send the ticket. I need to expect what time frame for my problem be resolved? I also saw today a bug where i got a extra amount for completing one daily mission but also considered that i finished another mission. The number of defender medals added was half of the amount that i would get for completing the other mission.
  3. before i could only play a level above ch7 with prime incursions on incursions maps, now i can play any map in any difficulty so maybe something got shuffled.For you and Jaws i dont know if happened the same of being unable to find prime incursions at all or is just my account error perks.
  4. I just send today a exposition of info to try to help fix my problem soon but if is about Jaws mainly is a problem and should have some source of compensation in his case.I never saw a situation before with this game which you lost resource because of a update but it seems than is not uncommon issue.
  5. Well, now i have certainty that was vanished..Can't even find prime incursions, Somewhow the game is played in this version ch8 for example but i can't acess some stuffs from past versions, since is not registered the prime incursion may be the reason it's gone. WM was always bad in damage before, only was used because was easy to stop all sorts of enemies.There is probably better option to attach the same value for lower than is now. This is a change, before was some fix number than just remove oil..Depending how long the burn effect occur and if can stack with other effects i could
  6. In first hand ty for the answers. I need further investigation but it seems to me than just disappeared.I got slapped in ch8 because out of the sudden my Sand viper wasnt with mass destruction.I would like to know how to do it the support option, i may try to complete a incursion again to see if i get back a hypershard if is not the case. WM and reflect beam i was early enough to notice, WM now doesnt really stop for much time like before. Dart tower and earthshatter was low key the 2° tier meta.I dont know if any of those tower got cost reduced or improved but seeing like now t
  7. It's seems than one of my hipershards of mass destruction is missing, there is any reason towards happen this in game, is bugged or i just lost/forgot in some place around the defenses spaces? Can somenone give a opinion about the new hero, good or bad for 12k? Why not 10k like the others? My WM seems to go really nerfed, can't stop enemies for much long now, what is the new or old type of combo that can buy some time with two/three defenses? Any reason to keep playing the game now instead of let's say 2020 state?
  8. Is nice to see than dd2 company have some plans for this game.I feel like the game really need some other tower with innate water effect and more traps to be a good starter for reactions..With this update oil geyser will probably be a very strong asset because of stun + the melt effect..New content is very welcome but untill wht point you can keep the same rotation of things avaliable before get predictable and you lazy down is the thing with the game. I dont how i think about this defense..It felt pretty stupid and at the same time satisfying for me to try to use sand viper and others no
  9. I dont play this game since the end of 2019..If this is the only update that happen since that time i believe than nothing would really put me to go back to onslaught but maybe harpy,hailstorm and some othrer defense can be extra useful..Bees getting more stack is very good The reflect beam debuff sounds very out of touch..I dont remember exactly the numbers but i believe my sand viper were only around 40% less dmg potential considering the best scenarios of both..Now i dont know if any player will use with this -80%.
  10. I think that you have a point..I thought than for you only having one tenacity you wouldnt have sr+water servo. If i was in your position i would just choose to use other mod for the time being with exp traps..The proative traps give around 25% of boost in power but is dependant of previous attacks to work before reach the peek..You need to have atleast the 9/10 and still is nothing game changing. I dont exactly think like this but others actually think that is a trash mod.
  11. Use explosive traps with the tenacity from wm and automation with wm. I usted to use destruction,fire for effect,vamp empowerment mods:defense rate,proative traps and tenacity servo.
  12. I placed shadowflame and later bone gloves as something that could work but according with gigazelle mods that change weapons not even take in consideration and you also said about shadowflame auto aim in the center would be a extra problem.Lavamencer potential i dont know about so is just a commentary even because i think that is the worst of heroes available to play and mystic i played almost since the beggining with her and if happens to exist something than could make her dmg better without a big commitment i would try because i already use her lol. I think than those two and maybe yo
  13. Its unusable with proative traps..Otherwise is fine..Do like the chickendude33 sayed with c8 tenacity and will be fine. Is a big overstatement to say than you using this are avoiding the meta..You cant make this defense work amazing unless you use stun combos consistent that is considered the core meta.You can use oil geyser and frost tower to help but just works with the enemies that usually are weaker. Wht is the choice of shards/mods that you have than is impossible to switch for a relic that is used by with tenacity ch8 from one of your defenses?
  14. If you are right there is only three options because the archer and the mage is not very good in general.. Mystic have other types of shot in which i believe have 1 shot type although is very bad to deal with flyers could be useful for this reason if has fast travel speed.Is maybe too much of burden to try but mystic have call to madness so is possible than is compensated. Lavamencer bone gloves is a option but i really dont know anything about his potential of hero damage..Hi has poor options in terms of ability but you could use manaburn hd without rely on ability at all and possib
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