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  1. There is no much of defense that suits your style for this game sadly..There is just dryad and the mystic that can be used a specific gameplay regarding to style and maybe the abyss lord but you cant because his towers are not overly strong to compensate with direct command.. Players just use monk/barbarian and same old stuffs of aoe + stall in 98% of times with little variations. Its not about a game of struggle but just difficulty..You already do it the bash against low floor/content, with gilded H shard would just be in a higher floor. Player complain about all sorts of stuffs.They have your own sense of sustainability and value for the game..Its a complicated tropic since most of ideas are always 50/50 on approval or just helps a minority. About the hyper shard probably the majority of veterans depending of wht is the type of grind would do but this not necessarily means that is good for the game..This game have a overall problem of structure and connectivity for atleast LT but not about dp of defenses with those shards.
  2. Seems like you just want to have control over the difficulty than you want play..This game doesnt offer anything for acomplish a win without shards or any other restriction so is effectively pointless. All in all if you can beat a certain map without defenses or win with a very low amount of du per defenses just means that is too weak for your stuffs not like you are a top player. If in his game had a type of shards that increase your def power by a good amount by kills (2shard slots) in the match but you cant use destructions variations in any slot would maybe be cool but just take out purely them seems like a attempt to avoid boredom of playing the game
  3. Its purely a newbie statement this..Pow enh/Shards are basically a mechanic inside the towers and already is too much as cost effect..This would just cause a inflation effect which would make the game easy to anyone with the medium amount of stuff grinded..Would need to increase the ceilling of floor or would just be broken.. This game needs a better balance of defense, more enemies with actual special abilities and lower down a bit on the need of materials for some stuffs. More power creep is just "fun" for while untill you few like your win is worthless .
  4. Its not a hard to think about ideas around it..Could be a dispute involving who does beat the map with less time/du/deaths or tryes on the attempt and everything give you some score and who has a better one wins. Having the two the right to do 1or2 bans and restrictions could be something to make a challenge rather than just two players doing the same build that is meta which is boring on a "competition" Overall,just need to film the match lol. This game just dont have the right game mode i believe. Prime incursion is maybe the better but idk.
  5. I had to destroy the statues like normally but the floating assasins wasnt running around the map..I used sv at the time for the 1st even when the def was in just ok to bad state with my brother on splitscreen and wasnt getting destroyed because didnt had those floating assasins..With the other two plays was solo and multiplayer with the same non altar assasins freedom. Was extremelly heavy on normal ch5 assasins because of the chaos lv to the point than i didnt had a lot of time to hit the statues. Is easy to explain like the floating ones was trapped inside the altar and just got released after i finish the process of destroy the statue. I got very surprise than appeared those for me as i never experienced and taked two lost to realise than those were destroying my tower and i had to switch for fa in the other attempt to win.(I was in doubt if the emp kobolts were hitting them)
  6. I played before like 3 times the althar of athame and didnt had those floating assasins..Maybe was vanilla but just due to a bug or anything wasnt in ch5 incursion for me. Ch5 was just a massive amount of assasins all the time..In this prime the number of assasins feels way less compared.
  7. Starting by the fact than they changed how the map works with the new addition of floating assasins from the altar which just kills the utility of towers in this map (they get destroyed if touched), those new floating assasins is annoying to get away of the altar which make harder to hit the stone miniboss to finish the phase.. All in all they changed this core mechanic of the game completely and with this creeping anything with vulnerability making you have to use trap/auras/nodes. This map for me as much there is no boss aside from the emp kobolt and maybe the enemies were a little weaker than bastille master could be considered almost a filter from weak players (resource wise) which the other ones could be done with no much problem. A slow pace map like this gives a lot of chance than for example all the floating assasins go in one side pumping the limit number of target and letting things go on..Happened to me one time even i trading the sv for fa and they were t4/t5. Play a endurance map like this with this annoying change of floating assasins should make me feel a lot bitter but at least was enganging.I can expect players taking a hard beat if playing solo.
  8. Why so much technicality with AFK term? Its pretty obvious than is impossible to do power surge without doing anything during the battle phase because the defenses all disappear..Is pretty much a related term rather than specific. Is more easy to refer the situation with players that already have a good bulk of stuffs in this game (probably him) like minimal necessary effort..You need to do the bare min to win, no change of strategy/rebuild or excessive hero work aside from the mechanic of incursion that could provide by itself.. Afk is generally a hyperbole as you need to sometimes interfere even by a little or atleast look if there is a boss to not be caught off guard..
  9. I cant speak for him but i believe than the reasons around is probably the same..There is a bunch of reason why is flawed but basically for me is a time sink, not cost effective , not linear way of progression and as you are playing with the same type of things on floors the game becomes very boring/repetitive..Add the fact that you need to start from initial floors instead of continuing from the last achieved floor you gonna effectively play maybe as much of 400-500 extra floors to get 30 ap with restrictions of towers because of resource. Wouldnt be so bad if you could have the possibility to essencially do reset by doing the 20-30 floors requirement from the last achieved floor (you would push floor while doing those things although would maybe be unballanced for the actual stage of the game with the grind to ch8), be able to get more than one ap power for a longer floor push and also the game had a progression system that involved boost the certain type of defenses existent (like perks/improvements) as you pass from certain floors numbers.. All in all it hurts more the game than helps atm..
  10. You are right about mystic.Is kinda complicated to go higher with her base dmg but i just basically dont count with that to be the main differential to use her.Using call to madness and the dark torment against the strongest mobs is the help needed and work so far.With higher as you go is probably better to atleast have a backup to quick swap if things get harder. I would like to test the initiate for fun as a hero dps sometime but at my stage i would waste too much resource or time and i dont know about the effectiveness of the her abilites.Why no one actually play with her instead of monk..The new abilities are really way worse considering than the talisman also boost defenses and still is not used? Its a surprise for me if you are right about nobody reaching higher with a extra power like this..20% roughly is not enough to be the key factor to maybe turn a defense that is ok with for example vamp and destruction to very strong with mass in place of vamp.. If no one find a way to take advantage of this boost probably wont be reachable anyway.
  11. With sand viper is a lot about commitment when comes to using for me.I play with the mystic i have destructions stack and for this i need to have a max def rate mod and a normal range mod to allow that with split viper shard. Its 7.13m t5 base atk with pylon and which i get with lsa using the same relic its 25m i believe not counting anti mods..In this comparison with full ramp out the sv would do a base dmg higher than lsa without anti mods with one beam. If you ballance out the cost effect of using two per lane with support and the ramp out than now have with split it turn to a very strong tower. I do know why you say that is weak tho.Everyone use with just destruction or worse without that and becomes a horrible defense in general but at least as i play cover well as a general lane and as anti boss (dark torment focusing). About the exp trap i totally agree with you but imo still worth to use one at least if there is a lane with a lot of mobs..When i was playing onslaught the combo of exp and oil geyser one behind the other did a lot of dmg for the price in non slow/stun immune mobs in schedule like mob gallery. Is bad than people didnt find out more about as you sayed inner working..Maybe a lot of issues of performance would be solved if we just know wht to look at.When players talk about balance,bugs and effects in game its all tied to this. I believe than after the 2° mass destruction drop the 900sh players will reach 1000 floor and with this new dda coming probably wont have so much dedicated players to figure out those stuffs.
  12. Its all about effectiveness and versatility..You may have find the almost ideal setups for the things that you use but untill wht point it last or reach. You said about ch8 max stuffs that you grind to get so you are using it for this kinda lv which give you a slight better buff over a guy with 999 asc on def with ap power with ch7 basic relics. I think than you and me are alike with the intention of try to use something UU to create indentity when playing the game and maybe reach a point of finding something of better results with higher difficulty of implement. I would like to see sometime a gameplay of you using those stuffs for reference to see in wht way you struggle or have a advantage over normal circumstances.If you not already have.. I think about the defenses that are uncommonly used just sv with split viper and exp trap could had more usage over this aura meta of the moment..I dont think exactly anyone disseccated the game and knows everything but is very unlikely than you can go atleast without a CC like wm very further for example. Meta is OU for a reason..Is the same as think of top tiers chars in fighting games because they have better matchups against he cast and more resources.
  13. Its just usefull for being like a buffed flamethrower roller? I tested on that prime incursion as lane clear with pretty much the same conditions over the bees.Both with pylon and splitting between 2-3 harpy over 3-4 bees and same support from exp trap/oil geyser and wm. I just want understand in wht "tier" would fit those two in comparison as from this experiment the harpy was better. Its just a shame of this mechanic of tree build on range of dryad which is a pain to both build and keep safe in some location the tree..I which than chromatic release a pack of new spec mods to improve blockades and they made a mod that enable you to build x number of dryad defenses outside of the range per tree. Build with dryad its and maybe always was all or nothing..For more than the base 3 bees + tree gives you du to do more in game atm feels that lack something unlike when this was truly op and covered more.I played a few matches in onslaught on floors 200+ in the past with these, slime and wm and got overtuned by all sorts of schedules.
  14. I dont want understand why not give a easy fix of decrease the rate of those towers proportionally to the base atk as increase..This all make me believe than the game cant handle a very high attack rate for single target defenses very well. My point with the post is about maybe the harpy even capped is slight more effective in even conditions than bees.I dont know if was a off stuff but i will try with a c7 relic on the next week/few days if i remember about. Is very bad for the look of the game if a defense is broken when was released..Even still its like this atm.
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