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  1. I think that you have a point..I thought than for you only having one tenacity you wouldnt have sr+water servo. If i was in your position i would just choose to use other mod for the time being with exp traps..The proative traps give around 25% of boost in power but is dependant of previous attacks to work before reach the peek..You need to have atleast the 9/10 and still is nothing game changing. I dont exactly think like this but others actually think that is a trash mod.
  2. Use explosive traps with the tenacity from wm and automation with wm. I usted to use destruction,fire for effect,vamp empowerment mods:defense rate,proative traps and tenacity servo.
  3. I placed shadowflame and later bone gloves as something that could work but according with gigazelle mods that change weapons not even take in consideration and you also said about shadowflame auto aim in the center would be a extra problem.Lavamencer potential i dont know about so is just a commentary even because i think that is the worst of heroes available to play and mystic i played almost since the beggining with her and if happens to exist something than could make her dmg better without a big commitment i would try because i already use her lol. I think than those two and maybe you could include adept are very avg..They have good abilities and have the range attacks but seems like they gameplay doesnt fit the pace of the game for atleast onslaught to me..Huntress is probably the better one but doesnt have anything outstanding than you gonna say that saved you (atleast not easy to do).Adept have the bubble but you cant spam. You are totally right about it, human tendencies is a huge thing because in the end win is all that matters if doesnt hurt you the way that you achieved but i believe than there are players like me that want to use other heroes because is more pleasant. If monk have 1400% like you said then is really not worthed to aim for this build instead of incorporate in the monk unless you really want use the other particular hero. Is like you said: While great to know this effectively changes.....nothing.
  4. Its unusable with proative traps..Otherwise is fine..Do like the chickendude33 sayed with c8 tenacity and will be fine. Is a big overstatement to say than you using this are avoiding the meta..You cant make this defense work amazing unless you use stun combos consistent that is considered the core meta.You can use oil geyser and frost tower to help but just works with the enemies that usually are weaker. Wht is the choice of shards/mods that you have than is impossible to switch for a relic that is used by with tenacity ch8 from one of your defenses?
  5. If you are right there is only three options because the archer and the mage is not very good in general.. Mystic have other types of shot in which i believe have 1 shot type although is very bad to deal with flyers could be useful for this reason if has fast travel speed.Is maybe too much of burden to try but mystic have call to madness so is possible than is compensated. Lavamencer bone gloves is a option but i really dont know anything about his potential of hero damage..Hi has poor options in terms of ability but you could use manaburn hd without rely on ability at all and possible achieve something. EV2 has the celebration weapon and if the explosion happens in the area that you hit could be the best or the worse depending how is treated the explosion hitbox.Ev2 is arguably the best of ranged units avaliable and it has good options like the meltdown chip and the charged attack.
  6. This a very good post..Knowing about those numbers is important especially the fact about the rollers not be eligible for this condition which is frustrating. I could think than for those numbers would be very strong a shadowflame or megashark build with focused pow and anti miniboss with those exploit weakness chips on each armor piece considering than is easier to aim with those weapons and for gunwitch you can aim for snipe shot which i dont know how much more effective is than rapid single shot from megashark. I dont know untill wht point you will start to be mowed by assasins but for the purpose of kill boss and some large enemies like lava guardian and the ogres seems great. At least for me this 70-75% bonus outweight a lot for wht you can gain by others armors chips
  7. I think i should respond with lower message.It's become too much to read and to write about for everyone that may have interest in the post. You probably are right.Onslaught already have some perfomance issues and with portals could be worse i'm ok with random maps as its is..Being mash mode with a lot of enemies that is countered in the same way is my problem but is off tropic.The Lt i aforementioned and draken my slight problem is with the flyers.They are too much on the end of the wave and if you get trapped and dont blaze the pillar is very likelly that you lose..Headstrong,cb and unstopable should be forbidden on those two flyer lanes. Survival is good and doable because they have a formula with dd1 but i'm unsure if for some maps the gameplay wont feel stale because of needing to deal with some mechanics.Portals would help but i dont know wht is need to actually be enganging rather than just a grind mode. I get your point with reward but my idea was than prime incursion ver 2.0 would be a "endgame" that help with grind and its hard and different not exactly a tier higher than onslaught..No one even beat 999 yet.For this reason would make sense pristine cluster. With pets they have a unlimited potential to do something that change how it plays as long than they want to be creative..Its a empty shell but weapons is settled. With the incursion weapons i personally liked the idea when i first saw of shadowflame because of the bounce and to hit flyers easier and glaive of storms but if you play a lot and start to rely less with you hero you gonna want power in weak areas of your builds and those lack them..A few days in thinked about the grog a tov mod to be used with shadowflame but i dont know if actually worked for a ranged attack..If worked and the confuse is like the call to madness maybe would be a good find. I think was called passives the term..I didnt play at this time but i guess than weapons buffed defenses, the hero and was decentralized so shards came out and make everything a separeted unity..I wouldnt mind if appeared chips than help your defenses if was the case because there is a few heroes that is good for nothing in terms of dps but with those chips at least you can choose them to help your builds for being present.Its a good second choice because now why you trade barbarian unmatched survival for using a abyss lord for example.They already did with the coil chip of mystic so its not impossible. The reason might be a mechanic issue because is hard to imagine than make a weapon modellated and not do a work for the general look..Overall i think of things that is more cosmetic is the one that i would look for being added especially if you get bonus for the set. About the lady orc its all depends on how commonly would appear in lanes..The stun for me would be the 2° tier instead of 3° switching with the resistanceThere is no reason to not have a boss if dark mage is a boss and support.Having somewhat 4 versions of one unit could be troublesome to get usted at first but if was the case its fine after like 20 floors of engagement.
  8. The problem for me is not about the range than they have with range shards but the need to use those to have a acceptable reach with your towers..Is one slot wasted for almost all towers than is not a anti air focused because for general purpose in this game atm the stun is strong and retain dmg to add range is not prior because most of lanes has close checkpoints.The flamethrower problem is not exactly the max range that you achieve with range shards but the inutility of a 360° rotation on lanes and the target locking comparing to a flame aura for example.Range increase would help but still those two hurt the most for me.In summary for me better range from range gambit+base of tower means more power to use them. Its not just about refresh but to add a different layer to one defense..You can use almost all defenses to a certain point depending of your pow against the floor but the majority is generic in terms of results.You can try to make worth to some extent but you go up in onslaught and then start to lose..I initially tough than would be the intention with those mods but just wm was revitalized..I did one example of a tree mod but lets say than is two for defense and the other tree mod if you are in corruption form and the enemies are inside the range of the tree they take more dmg like a debuff resistance. The floor 999 is very unreasonable to me.Even if you play each floor in 12 min in avg untill you reach this is almost 200 hours of play and of course is way higher because the grind to have the things needed, loadings and such.Onslaught feels like a waste if you think that is too simple and repetitive with everything involved for now. This is one of them that we share i guess but there is a lot of things for me like the 250 pristine cluster ..I know than is a game focus on grind too but for the most part feels like i need to prepare too much to get in the ideal spot and with my experience from others players tell you got in the middle sick of doing this hunting process and lose the passion for the game.
  9. For me i think than onslaught could be good because in this mode on random maps is very straight forward, you build your things in the 1st wave and rarely there is a reason to change because is all the same and with that the maps have a better feel of being different than the previous map that you played 4-6 floors ago for ex..LT and drakenfrost there is other things that make you need to have your hero occupied so dont just use portal mechanic in those two situations. I dont mind if a mechanic is used for multiple modes if is good but portal for incursion wouldnt be enough to change by itself. They maybe have to add everything together to change like more hp scaling from all the maps, all the chaos enemies being included,portals,survival mode type with maybe 20 waves to beat and a very considerable reward in pristine cluster and pristine motes which are the most in demand materials for those than would have a lv of gear to beat the intended difficulty. Its easier to resume with: generic,unique and unique with locked mod..There is also the ones than may be considered generic with locked mod (ice chip if its a common chip but is locked in the weapon)..Generic is all the weapons with any rolls, unique are the likes of prestigious weapons than have a unique mod but is passable and the unique locked is all the incursions weapons. Transmog enter in a realm of things that could have little to no use depending of the player.It sounds like the pet reroll kids if you dont care about a pet which happens after you end the campaign.Its not the case with the old witch of material conversion which is super helpful.I think overall if instead of just the look you could pass other atributes like the shot type or the locked mod from a incursion mode could be way more interesting but goes bad with your idea of uniqueness behind the weapon. I think they oversaturated a little with weapons release.For a more hardcore player they will choose to use the best in slots for his play style and with a locked mod of the incursions they need to be considerable better because is quality base the effect.All the incursion should have another realm of category than is not used the mod slot to activate the effect.If were three slots free instead of two would make more sense.They need to buff the use for those for sure. I think they should stop with a bunch of weapons and start with glove,chest,helmet and boot special items.Mods exclusive to those pieces and if you got and have equipped with all four pieces of the same set you can change a costume like a flair or have a certain bonus for using all of them together. I didnt know about that unit.I started playing in 27 jan of 2018 this game.Your idea of introdution is good and may fill a big gap if its a stun immune enemy. They could place this unit as stun immune with a medium speed and low/mid dmg against defenses.1° tier the normal enemy appears in the wave 1/2, 2° tier have this boost effect and just start appear from wave 3/5 and the 3° is a boss can appear any wave and also have the resistance dmg together with the boost effect. Its strange but the explanation could be than they were very strong against blockades and the concept of the game had them at the start as a big part of the game.Blockades now are not very good and we could say than the biggest loser with the overhaul of crit dmg and def pow and after mods was the blockades. They could add those back but the main thing about new additions is to bring normal enemies that enter in lanes constantly and have a role.There is too much boss enemies in this game. The part of 9 months max is about the time between each expansion release.If its 1 year would be too much time to wait between expansions. I also like to talk about those things.I play a lot with my brother Overcooked 2 and enjoy a lot but if were to talk about the game i wouldnt say much because the game are in a good state to play in the conditions that i play. Is interesting to talk because i see potential to grow in this game, with a few things being added and some being tweaked would make a big difference in the enjoyment from the game.
  10. The portal is really a good mechanic that could be used but maybe only in onslaught of the game modes avaliable now.They could use like they were made as a lane that drop from the sky or maybe as a spawn portal to switch/or better "clone" the enemies from one lane to the other making one lane having enemies from the other lane..I personally think than wouldnt be too impressive if they just send generic enemies as a extra but instead they need to create specific mobs to appear from there or would be too gimmick after a while.Other think is to just appear on random maps or in LT and drakenfrost would be too much to handle in some ocasions. I can put my finger on why but prime incursion for me was too bland.Only spectral assault was hard and mainly because of the map design.Changing the schedules would help but is needed something different to be more replayable. Changing the "prime" stats of ch8 max i dont agree.Is the only think that is good about them or is enough incentive to try to play to catch them.Otherwise just use your own old weapon. (I'm not a cosmetic guy so probably this opinion is a lot about it) Weapon transmorf i see as a good idea but is not for me xd.At least for you or anyone would means to have a look of a weapon without the worry of farm which is awesome for who wants..In the end for me is a feature that allows a bunch of fake looking weapons and the game is not in a outstanding state to be priority.If its easy to implement would be good. About enemies i have only the lady orc to comment.Lady orc i think is a boss from forest poacher incursion.To bring back is good but only if it has a purpose.There is a lot of boss in this game already so if they release in onslaught they need to give some ability to distinguish her. Those expansions were very good to the game.It feels like a different game and i think that is apreciated by everyone.I think than should be around 9 months max of expansions.My worry if its too little for the time schedule.. I write on the first post than if they implement the two initial ideas i would ocasionally play onslaught but maybe i could work around if they at least buffed the tower range.For ex if they buffed the base tower ranges to like 20-25% sand viper would be the 2° best defense in the game and very close to reflect beam which is the best for me, ballista would have a extra slot for her good spec shards ,cannon would have other slot to compensate the pierce servo need and so on for other towers. The main problem of this game is balance that hurt variety..This is a easy fix but is always ignored which is sad and frustrating imo.
  11. Its possible that you are right.I only have this lag in LT and the pirate ship map which makes me believe than is a enemy count issue.About get rid of SR and maybe reflect beam + proton beam if really turns to 0 lag is debatable if worth.The wm simplify a lot the game and there isnt much versatility of things to do when you get to the point of close pow..The LT map not only have the problem of out sync connection with floating mobs which is my lag condition. Wht i want is to buff the range of all towers..Range gambit is the most easy option but if the increase of gambit helps the aoe defenses too and is unfair just do for the base range of towers.Only flamethower can be used in his role with no range mods and shards as viable, pdt, ramster and earthsthatter is semi viable and the rest struggle..Look at the archer for ex and wht he covers for range for a defense that should have a reach for two lanes.This is by far the easiest fix to be done as dont need a creation or rearrange anything. I understand your point.I'm not thinking in SR type of things as was clearly a wrong idea to give consistent aoe stun while others towers have a low % base in a shard but they should look more for options of unique mods that buff weak points of those defenses than would receive.A mod for dryad tree than allow a number of defenses to be placed out of her range is wht wanted for ex. If i could build a nearly immortal orc blockade i would use in every single lane than i could use with no anti block mutator because is cheaper and good against boss except roller, double lanes would be better a wm. I get your point of stun meta but everything should be treated separatelly even tho a comparison is needed. Hard and still onslaught lol, if they made in a way than have a really good progression system and new enemies that are more interesting and threating maybe would be a sucess.One of the problems of onslaught is the lack of those. I got a 10/10 very early and i put in my exp trap..When you upgrade to t5 in the 2st wave it adds a lot for the defense because will have the time to stack the charges and act like a upgrade but if you dont is better to put a anti..Is more like a category of useful but probably not the best in slot than really bad for the rest.
  12. I'm doing this post to share some ideas of wht i think would be good, this forum is dead atm so even if doesnt come to the company attention at least will stimulated a debate (i hope)..For me the game is very stagnated as stands and i'm not playing casually atm even i liking the game concept but if the 1° and 2° wish tropic happens i would maybe go back to play onslaught ocasionally. I placed those 5 in order of priority imo. 1° A secondary option to LT:This map is awful in a lot of terms and i would like to at least have a option to maybe play 2-3 normal maps with 1 reroll or whatever reach around the same lv of avg difficulty and time expend..Essencially when you go to **4 floor you choose between LT or random maps.I feel depressive about play this map every 10 floors because how laggy it's. 2° Increase the range gambit scale from defenses in asc category to help all towers: I think is 30 range for every 1 point making a total of 1500..Is too low for most towers to the point than you need to waste slot in range to make viable almost all towers..This necessity nerf a lot of the max potential of towers which have a lot of issues normally to be effectivelly placed..Buff to 40 or 50 scale and this will change everything for some towers. 3° New unique defense mods and reevaluate almost all those than exist: Juat shocking revelation is a good mod (maybe also proative traps) of those made, i think than is a waste of space with the others and also a waste to not make more unique mods to others defenses.There is a chance to revamp the meta of the game just by itself if well implemented. 4° Buff the blockades effect: This is a old complain and i believe than only if they make a cap dmg for each enemy type will resolve the problem.Everything else will be a burden to balance the scale of low to high difficulty and the grind to make a good block than doesnt fit with the meta than most players use. 5° New game mode or end game:It's not needed a big explanation, everyone wants a different and rewarding experience with the game. If you read and have others ideas feel free to post.
  13. I'm aware of the situation and about the forums..Is a hard place when you are unable to do anything because of the time restriction.. I dont know if i can talk about in behalf of others but for me if they add a survival mode theme with onslaught mutators with increased floor lv by each wave you beat would be enough atm.. For ex you start on floor 100 on the 1st wave you beat the next is 150-200 and the mutator of all lanes changes but not the schedules and the map (stay the same build formation)..Less du normally gained for complete a wave and a good prize for how much waves/floor you achieved(maybe pristine cluster/motes)..If someone reach 999 the next increase will be in boss numbers. I think than there is players like me that dont want to have the hassle to play over sometimes awful conditions of gameplay on LT and time to be able to experience high lv enemies..This "mode" for me seems like a good test field and also a option for those than dont want go the root of onslaught for various reasons.
  14. Maybe things gonna start to happens faster if for some reason player voluntarily offer help with bug fixes and general ideas of content and improvements in the gameplay (there is players that is willing to play untill floor 900 so those really like the game and may have a big understanding).I dont know if this is a right point but with how the game industry works in my view is way faster than things happens in this game..Is hard to believe than a lot of peoples stick for upcoming content at the rate that usually happens in this game and how impactful they end up. There is new games and sequences all the time in the ned of the day even DD2 being ftp.
  15. I totally agree with you ..If you are right the game is divided between the players that ended mastery and primes and just have left onslaught or begginers..I hope than something else got released..just only make sense since clearly prime didnt push the threshold for player than are advanced to the game. I would play onslaught again if they change the fact that i cant go back to my highest floor directly..I feel like the defense balance is also limited and need to be better and the game need some touch of diversity over the use of things..Everyone just use a selection of defenses because already come out with the calculation of value and the grind is high..If trendy gave for ex a bonus of build one type of defenses by half du if its the only one in the map would make diverse/unique servos much more viable and also more worth to use certain defense untouched because is better value like colossus.. The potential of this game is big but seems wasted by some decisions and maybe by the fact that is run by a small company.
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