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  1. I was trying to play as much unmeta as possible on that time to the point that was hurting me sometimes..Mystic as a hero.Only the wm of drench/stun and the fissure for some frosty lanes with no other auras like lsa,flame aura, proton beam or reflect beam which people use a lot atm. My main was sv with a pylon of a coil and using other avg/good defenses like pdt,ramster,balista,exp traps and oil geyser ..if in your own restriction is allowed to use ch8, the max c8 relic is equivalent for a 999 ap def power boost.Aside from the full frosty goblin two schedules (moby gallery and frosty lane) i wasnt getting out runned by others stuffs. All that left to me is this prime incursion that looks like will take untill october to actually start to have high risk of mobs passing from my defenses as i upped my sv to c8 max and 999 asc after i did 5 reset for the ap def pow. I believe than after they release the mass destruction will increase so much the cap for pow in a map that finally someone will reach floor 999 and with no ap i dont even know wht is the better ranked now so i cant predict anything. Would be a good thing if you or anyone try to reach a high rank by extracting the best of wht there is avaliable but just about thinking of the time taked to do it's not worthed.
  2. Take this as estimate: I played to floor 273 with no reset or ch8 improvements..I stopped for my own reason but i could had reached 320-330 from wht i was experiencing. In the matter than you a letting me believe we were in the same spot if comparing so maybe you could had done the same..Just by perspective if had to keep playing floor and was with one schedule of ch7 and no mutators like those primes that alone would jump to 400/450 floor, maybe 500+ ..That i would assume that is the general spot for a non reset player against the prime incursions.400/450 Is hard to predict that is possible or not because i dont know the scale but essencially defenses get way stronger by default (exp trap) since you dont need to worry about a lot of stuffs from onslaught and its pretty shallow to beat a ch7 schedule when the meta is auras despite any incursion mechanics(maybe not betsy if the debuff aura is not countered by tenacity). You can use your hero to cc and maybe they release the 2st mass destruction early, further improving the power potential of your stuffs. I played the malthius incursion with 4 players and the cannon ogre had around 480m..I have my doubts than even in the althar of athame (5/1) will reach 1b with 4 players let alone playing solo with extra du per phase and less scale to be unbearable soon.
  3. Two layers of trees with each line with 3 of them..They are weak with just fortification not gilded and 29 points in health for the tree..its was around 6,5m hp. I was surprised than they tanked enough.Aside from the 5st wave that i lost a lot in the left side was a avg of one per phase in each lane. Probably was the sv that was cleaning fast enough to keep intact them for more time but it doesnt feel to me than the tree was getting one shot by nothing and i had a poor one..The fact than the tree was in front was protecting the sv from any kobolt kamikaze explosion that could disable. Placing two sv in each lane was enough for the time than those were placed.
  4. I never realised than this was a thing untill you mentioned now..Yeah, a sv that i use have 7,13m t5 become 13,1m t5. I played a tg with 4 player and felt ridiculously underwhelming with the spawn hero that was using with ordinary builds..So i tried solo and i won with no major difficulty.. I would go as far to say than is harder to win c5 power surge with basic ch7 stuffs than this one..The lack of mass assasins made way easier.
  5. Anyone played this power surge on prime that come out?? All this sense of danger over the possibility of this being a gated map but is a very easy map..Enemies seems to have less resistance than normal and dmg. Disappointing.
  6. There is a lot that could be talked about this prime incursion..You can focus in the design part, the fact that nothing really new was created but just something was ajusted to a certain degree of scale , the choice of use a schedules just based in ch7 with emp kobolts,hex throwers is both lame and also almost force you to do the toxic meta of auras soon or later (Primes 5 onward will probably be undoable if you not resort to use them) as well of not taking the opportunity to create a special ch8 enemies at least to make the mode introduce them, lack of miniboss appearance so far.. Your point of no loot to help with the upgrades for 5/5 ch8 stands out like the big problem. No pristine motes or pristine cluster makes this game mode have no replayability.Pristine mote at least would help in general because now its used for everything. I played yesterday the malthius and just felt empty the map with the major issue for me being the same schedules..The thing than hold my interest and maybe for others is the scale(for testing),hyper shard and the mechanics of those incursions.
  7. Abyss lord may be a little off for the pace of the game but mystic can cast two call to madness if there is enough cooldown reduction..Dps seems like is a consensus than they have a better one but CC nothing is better than a lock mob ability like Call to madness..Out of those two, Monk seems better because at least can build something. Jaws made a lot of valid points and that may give a hint than you need at least two players to win if the scale is high..This only because the schedule probably will be different with hex throwers and emp kobolt than in c5. This may become a gated map as no one will want to replay and you need a resoanable skill with timing.
  8. They are imo strong cc heroes that is not much used because in this game is more about boss killing heroes.. The call to madness is the best ability in this game.I use mystic and i can say that if her dmg with hero dmg was maybe 25-30% higher, she would be also a reasonable good boss killer with anti miniboss chip.. Abyss lord i dont know about him but looking at the fact than abyss fountain heals and can reduce dmg , the new accesible ch8 shards that buff him and he can spam the abyss knight almost constantly make him very good..There is others heroes with cc ability but usually cant use constantly.. Its not like someone will build for this map but they are better than generally is for this map.
  9. I dont understand the reason for warning over this map..The demon's lair just gave the indication than maps that need hero activity will have way lower hp scalling/dmg than others than dont and this map is one of those..Is possible to win with two tower combination but they are from different heroes, even still its a map that you can overlap with defenses and sell and place constantly..Taking more in consideration that you will use defenses in tier 1 and its a map with 3 lanes,2 flyers. Just two players that will stick to place the according defenses in time and dont allow the sub core to be destroyed will make this almost as easy than demons lair.(depending of the pow of those defenses) I hope for the sake of the game im wrong and things are more aligned with everyone says because its a one time map so would make you work for the win.. Mystic and abyss lord will be good heroes to play actively and maybe taiser suit will have a better utility than usually have.
  10. Incursions would mean more variety of maps for retain the repetivity of things..those two maps are boss fight but in campaign..Would make zero sense to not port if so with all enemies avaliable and could become unbearable very easilly or too simple if there is gimmick or check point..Chrome enemies i believe that take 50% dmg and would be a nightmare at some point..Without mutators would be a empty thing. Every 5 with the 20 being Lt would be ok..Ch6 incursions and the griblock is quite simple and if is not locked people would just skip to those..As you mentioned random from the pool of chaos tiers would still have cherry pick but would be fine in general. Lt is the worse map and you play like draken keep in x10 but other features like build every wave in new lane, mob path problem, lag, boss wave which become a shore rather than a challenge after some time and the flyers (which is mainly due to weak anti flyers option,the speed of them and the push) Disable mutators doesnt make sense to onslaught..Is the essence of the game mode and is the small thing that make you not complete enter in auto pilot..I think than there is other ways to equally make harder as those two maps or just a breaking point by just playing..Increase du limit and mana gain from wave could be a option..Either way some incursions like both ch5 will need a revamp..If you want a option of no mutator is just the developers introduce a scale from enemies to a assigned floor for the incursions which i approve..Play in floor 250,600,900 or so would at min be a good lab test. I agree in make as a normal map too but if appears as incursion would appear the torch thing, frost dragon as always. Fun is hard to use on a context or as argument..The true imo is than most people seems to be sick of this map because this add a layer of rng, repeatability and there is a limit than wht you can do with your hero at given time..There is more pros in comparison to Lt in play this map like fast build phases, no siege roller lanes and the 6th wave is just kill one boss.
  11. I think i saw this type of topic on this forum like three times..In different time lines. I personally see some problems with this maps with the fact that affect up to three braziers and is insta freeze on towers making a need to watch always..Pile this with some situtations that make you unable to interfere in time and you are screwed..If at least was a big rate reduction regardless of tenacity would feel fine..In the end even with all that LT is worse as you with lag have 0 control over the outcome of things. The problem of this map goes around the game itself..The balance of def,grindness, the reset aspect makes you play in the same way and something that is taked as challenge by the game is just a repetition..You cant call something challenge after beat a lot of times..Wht left is the annoyance that is provoked. If the game had a good ballance, less grindness, no reset feature to get ap powers but just climb floors to get those and others boosts, and different bonus/cons each map (like a mutator for your defenses) they could port almost every incursion that have a unique feature and place in onslaught with some tweeks(ex:spectral assault,demons lair) and a map like drakenfrost because of the big amount of map rotation would feel fresh in like 1 every 120 floors or so.
  12. This is something than i not really seen discussed over this forums.. I played entirelly without resets or ch8 over the run to onslaught and end up stopping on 273..Since i would basically quit untill something fresh appear i decide to do 5 aps just to have enough ap power to put on destruction ap pow and also combine with the ch8 that i would use after.. Some stats of base atk around defenses with destruction pylon boost included: Tier 5 Fa:1,89m(fissures is similar but a little weaker) , lsa:20,5m, Sv:7,16m with split viper and mystic active , Reflect:10,4m , Bees:2,66m , Earthshatter:12,8m with earth toss , Exp traps:10,4m without proative traps and the sad to see Harpy: 3,28m which would be top if didnt had stop motion between the strings. The only real old number that i have from my head is from sv which was t5 4,05m before the ap reset which means around 75% boost from those things. All considering mass destruction and destruction gilded with some having more spots for anti like lsa with 2 or 3 depending of the need of tenacity and most of with 1 like sv and exp traps.. Considering the fact that i basically had less 200 def power from the relic on ch8 from the max and no asc on health and ofc no crit boost from ap, this is close to perfect. My 1° question is there is really any change about choice of defenses from the point of you are able to have that??Change of strategy?..Crit builds? 2° wht would be the tier list of defenses in general from your perspectives?
  13. The problem is how much time is considered intended to resist a block in x floor against y mobs with the amount of def health of the blockade.. They could had implemented a natural armor stat for all blockade which would reduce by 50% the dmg for ex and scale for all blockades considering the du(colossus would have more than a tree for ex), anti mods to increase resistance to certain mobs, diversity mods to boost def hp and the armor.Tbh all the mods that was introduced for blockades are lackluster after mobs become too strong on hits.
  14. I played this game untill floor 273 without resets or ch8 amps and to my experience in specific situations the orc blockade with the hyper shard automation was better as decoy than wm to stall..I would assume than a max blockade would have maybe 2-3x of my and would be viable for much longer but the problem is how is the nature of this game with increase in dmg/hp and grind to up things and cheer amount of anti wall mutator than they put on onslaught..wall leach,vampiric,abominable,phase and some others in certain situations. The anti air problem seems more urgent than this, with flyers all over the place and people resorting to use auras instead of the proper defense(maybe natural bonus dmg against flyers for them)
  15. The problem of this game goes not directly about flairs but about the system.. The connectivity (lag) at least for some, the unballance between defenses as a whole (compare skel archer against lsa for ex), the lack of different threaten enemies like something that are naturally immune to stun like there is with slow or better suppport enemies, incentive with some advantage by utilizing more defenses (cost reduction by building for the 1st time for ex) and lower the grind to lv up all the things that need..The big one being pristine clusters with ch8 max and resets. If had a lot of this adressed would be one of the best ftp games imo. Would be good if flairs and also trophies for console users being unlocked but i dont think that would make a lot of people work out a lot for push to floor 900 or so in this current state.
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