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  1. [QUOTE]i can think of a few reasons. (1) hackers will have infinite amount of mana, (2) will lead to mana selling for real money, (3) price of items in shops will go sky high. [/QUOTE] I disagree: 1. Hackers already have infinite mana. 2. Mana selling for real money already occurs. 3. Price of items in shops should remain static (there will be roughly the same amount of mana supply in the game excluding hackers). If this is a real concern, maintain the cap on shop prices and remove the cap on player mana.
  2. [QUOTE]Maybe DPS isnt the way to go in this map? Can you try testing it with more than 1 person playing and using builders instead of DPS? Thanks for this info btw. [/QUOTE] Np. Just to clarify, I ran this with a monk with simulated "ideal" myth loot (1000 to all stats on armor and 300 to builder stats on pet/weapon) as well as a hybrid huntress with similar stats. I haven't been able to test this with multiple people yet. If someone is interested in running tests in a duo let me know. Edit: And of course per the norm I haven't been able to get app towers to work effectively on UMF
  3. I don't think Nightmare is meant to be balanced. I'm pretty sure it's still a work in progress. You could argue that you paid for the content so it should have already been tested. I would posit that Nightmare is still in beta and you received a "beta key" as a reward for pre-ordering the pack. Edit: That being said, even fully geared in Mythical squires are still a joke in UMF Nightmare (tested this on open).
  4. [QUOTE]And BTW, I find it ridiculous that I have to depend on external parties to make mana. There should be an alternative, not everyone has time to set up an AFK shop. [/QUOTE] New Nightmare content will provide you with plenty of mana per clear (I think 200M+ for clearing UMF when I tested on the open server) However, I do agree that the mana cap should be raised/eliminated: 1. If you go over the limit of 200M with trades/shops, you will no longer receive any mana from clearing content. This is problematic because sometimes players would like to save mana to upgrade weapons/armor
  5. [QUOTE]Honestly, with a bit of strategy, you can clear a few waves of NM UMF. Just check out some new strats. It's sort of like a TD for a reason. [/QUOTE] This is true. I managed to clear up to wave 3 only using UMF loot and some fancy footwork. The point is you can't beat the content with the weapons/armor currently available (although it will become easier after the next patch). You could argue that Nightmare is still in beta and players will be mored geared in the future, but the problem is you can't clear the map even with the items you would obtain from clearing the map. This shou
  6. LoL. Spiders are a great addition to this game. To respond to the arguments above: 1. Random spawn = not Tower Defense: You can deal with the random spawn by repositioning towers. It just forces you to rethink your strategy. I do agree that spiders webbing towers needs to be nerfed somewhat. 2. It's difficult to see spiders casting webs i. Try increasing your FoV with the new Field of Vision Slider. You should be able to see most spiders while they're casting. ii. This is yet another reason why this is still a tower defense game. With proper tower/trap/aura placement, you
  7. Based on testing with open servers, new UMF will net upwards of 200 million mana for each clear on nightmare (this is just from autoselling items on the ground).
  8. if a map or mod is popular enough, TE could move it over to t.net. Look what counter strike did. you never know. the problem about having anyone able to make a map on t.net is the non ability to have any quality control over it. take the mana map. I'm sure many people would want that one on t.net. Given Trendy's size and the amount of effort they are putting in to other aspects of the game, I think whitelisting/QCing mods would be too much to ask. That being said, I think simply removing persistant loot (this includes mana) from the games would solve this problem.
  9. I ran some test games on open with modded gear out of curiosity. I came to the following conclusions: 1. Nightmare UMF can't be cleared with legit gear - Even with a full set of Mythical armor and a 220 upgrade weapon, I wasn't even close to clearing UMF. I may just be a terrible player, but I was definitely ahead of the curve for Insane UMF. 2. UMF loot is still imbalanced compared with campaign loot - It is much more difficult to get to wave 14 of Mistymire on nightmare than to clear the first wave of UMF. However, based on 3 runs it looks like Mistymire will only drop weapons
  10. Had some issues with disconnects earlier but can't open the game right now -.-
  11. Crashing out on load after downloading 7.13c. Anyone else?
  12. [QUOTE]I think he's refering to the original 7.13 XP curve to hit 74. It was low enough that people were able to level their entire roster in the time it takes others to hit 74 with one hero now before they had to patch to 7.13a. Similar to scaling super loot in Survival and UMF before being patched. [/QUOTE] I would guess that the xp curve was probably retroactive. If your hero previously hit 74 with 8M xp, raising the cap to 16M should put him/her back at 73. Just a hypothesis.
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