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  1. Their game engineers and planners(if theres any) are doing things of their convenience without actually thinking about players and customers themselves. I strongly doubt whether these people actually play the game or not. "Nerfing" is common among most games, and dd2's team is apparently not doing it in a conventional way. Nerfing in most games are gradual adjustments of stats through stages of corrections. Given an example of League of Legends: They nerf overpowered champions by adjusting damage ratio and mana costs bit by bit through many patches, so that ppl can follow and adapt without much problem. This DD2 team instead of using their time to adjust and plan, they simply remove the mechanics itself, which to them is the fastest and easiest way to accomplish their "Task" of "Nerfing" Not only for the taunt mechanism and specific poison mods for Sand Vipers, Ballista, etc. did they have removed it from game (Instead of adjusting proper stun duration or DU cost) They didnt even try to fix bugs properly. Given an example I have mentioned in the hotfix (tho deleted by admin of the forum), the C8 Shard Spider's Kiss, which grant Gunwitch both poison effect and earth damage. I have reported a bug previously about the not-working of this shard in petrifying enemies. What they do to fix this bug is that they "Changed" the description of "Earth" damage into "Poison" damage. A typical case of their so called "nerfing" removing the mechanism itself. What is more problematic in their so doing is that, they didnt even test the shard themselves. By changing "earth damage" into "Poison damage", they thought they have "fixed" the bug issue, however, the bug is still there, even if you apply Earth Servo on Gunwitch's weapon together with the C8 shard I mentioned, you couldnt petrify enemies. This is how their engineers do their job. Careless, Lazy, and have no respect nor consideration to players This comment might soon be removed by them if they really do so, I will just discourage every friend of mine from playing this game or any games made by this company. Coz they wont be treated properly by the developers anyways.
  2. Exactly how your universities had taught you :) Cant take sarcasm? "Correcting" the forum, while being not able to fix real issues? Player knows, they always do.
  3. Poison effect and Earth effect are both seen in the damage animation. Enemies not petrified. Tested the Full Upgraded Spider's Kiss Shard with three groups of weapon mods Group One: No mod Result: Damage effect animation seems normal. Does not petrify enemy. Group Two: Poison mod Result: Damage effect animation seems normal. Does not petrify enemy. Group Three: Earth mod Result: Damage effect animation seems normal. Does not petrify enemy. Please Fix.
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