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  1. So since im european im ineligible from buyong anything from the shop? That makes no sense at all. I dont see this restriction mentioned :S
  2. Its not required. It is to add a special rank there to those that want it. Just add some random name in the field and you should be passing it. Sintreme#1234 will work just fine
  3. When adding the needed info and adding a switch skin to the kickstarter page something went wrong and it shows the addon costs 1000euro for the 1 item that is added
  4. hmmm. Atm im running a simple setup trough samdboxie that emulates a different user account. Ill have a look trough the settings to see what i can do. Thanks for the info.
  5. The plan was to use 1 computer for 2 accounts as my laptop is wonky and knly usefull for office applications lol. in the past ive had no issues with multiboxxing steam but ill do some more research, thanks. also conversion still makes no sense to me lol, but who am i to question developers logic xD
  6. Heya. For the past few days ive been figuring out how to run multiple accounts at once to farm 2~4 player maps. now my question really is, what is chromatics stance on using multiple accounts by the same player? Some companies are vert much against multiboxxing while others allow it. An unrelated question. With the material conversion you can conver pristine motes to shiny motes at a 1:2 ratio however the lower tier is 1:1, is this intended?
  7. You either want a 10 tenacity on C8 or a automation shards which you get at 680 mastery stars. Other then that just light the braziers with a source of flame damage
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